Emulation on the PS3

I dunno if there is a thread on this already (I’m sure there is but I couldn’t find it), but I just recently found out that you can run MAME and other emulators on the PS3 through Linux. So can anyone give me any advice or guidelines on how to go about the process, I don’t have Linux installed on my PS3 yet…

Why would it be any different from a PC?


Well I’ve never installed Linux on a PC, and I jsut got a PS3 so I’m not exactly familiar with isntalling an OS on it either, so any tips would be apprecaited. I found the link to DL the program, here’s a pretty fast mirror.

because emulators are made for windows or linux

if you get to run linux on the ps3 it would work

there are no emulators for the ps3 OS

So which version of MAME do you use for Linux?

I know that. Sorry if I wasn’t clear.


I wonder would other emus like Kawaks work too?

i saw a Ps3 running DBZ Hyper Dimension through linux. it was slow. MVC1 was running ok though. there are a few vids on youtube.