Emulator help.


ok, i looked and saw no thread for this.
this is my problem.
i have macmame and i’m working on a project.
when i record a combo using macmame, it comes out in inp format.
is there any program thats mac capable to convert this kind of file?
i would like to capture some of the stuff i record.


the inp file format is a “replay” file right? What do you want to convert it to?


You have to run one of those cature programs while playing mame, but it would be easier first to record the inputs in mame, and then later replay inside mame while running your capture program.:wink:

There might be versions of mame where it lets you record to AVI or other formart
not really sure but I have a big feeling that it does exist.


it doesnt really matter.
avi, mpg, flv, mov.
as long as i can capture what i recorded.
is there such a thing?


You have to do what hanz0 said.

.inp is a recording of button inputs, it isn’t a recording of what is happening on the screen.

You can either find a screengrabber program (don’t know any for mac cause I rarely use Macs) or find a version of MAME that natively records video (on Windows I use Mame Plus Plus for this).


thanks for the help guys