Emulator play Street fighter 3 on kaillera?

one time when I was in a Kaillera room, somebody had an emulator which supposedly played SF3. It looked something like Mame 10.++++++++k or something. Is there a way to play street fighter 3 on kaillera? When I asked the guy, he just went crazy and went off in a spout about how he’s the only one who can play it and screw the world. lol. People on the internet.


No, you can’t play SF3 on mame.

Street Fighter 3 is a CPS-3 arcade title.

CPS-3 has not been cracked and emulated yet. I think the rom is out there however, but with no emulation it is kinda worthless to have at this time.

So yeah, the guy on Kaillera(sp?) was just full of crap :wonder:

Although we all how he isn’t full of crap ^^. But yeah he is, if CPS-3 was emulated, you’d know :stuck_out_tongue:

I saw someone bring up Street Fighter III 2nd Impact on GodWeapon a few weeks ago, how did he make the room with that rom? They have to be in working status to make right?

He was using Mame32k i think.

they’re using a hoax client. they can name the game/emu whatever they want.

You can easily make a game with any ROM you have in MAME. There are other ways to get it to show ‘available’ than just auditing. Then it’s just a matter of clicking “Make game”

Of course, you won’t be able to actually start it.

yeah, you could do that as well. forgot about that.

the only you can play right now is with chankast. right?

Chankast, the Dreamcast emu, is the only way. Yes.

However, there are speed issues. It’s not even worth it, IMO.

What he really means is.

It outright blows asshole chunks and only downgrades who are too cheap to get the ps2 game or the dreamcast version would bother with.

I said “LOL”

You don’t even need mame to make whatever named game you want in kaillera. All you would need to know is how to read =)

This guy is full of crap! I know him!

no you cant play it on mame or anything to do with arcades i believe. But someone has and you can too play it on the dreamcast emulator - Chancast - ime not sure how or where to get it at this point in time but i seen it on youtube lil slow but it looks playable

why would you even want SF3 on kaillera? The lag on there would make it impossible to play properly. Already games like garou are impossible to JD @ 70ms without pressing :l: almost a whole second before you get hit. That’s why i dont play it there.

I guess on the plus side, Urien would be top tier.

well if u have 1 of latest releases of mameppk and the ROM and the CHD files, then u get SF3 game as available in ur game list, and so u can host 1 of them on a kaillera server, and then the hole world would see wat ur hosting and start wondering and asking and screaming of happyness about CPS3 is beeing now emulated … BUT, whene u attempt tro start the game(in case a smart guy like u joins) … IT WILL NEVER START … and the reason is: CPS3 is NOT emulated YET xD

WTF are you smoking ?
Since when MAME32 0.81u3 is one of the latest releases ?:confused:

we need cps3shock :smiley: