Emulinker: connection type

It’s just me or it seems that changing the connection type option on Emulinker servers really affects the delay status?

It is a mess for me (10mbit) if i keep the default “20 good”, but it gets better with 30 or even 60 (on meanwhile other players with 60 will get too many stops…)

Should be better when set on 30 excellent on some connections?

Bump since ages (notice the date of first post)…it’s funny about how most people are still playing on emulinker servers nowadays when there are things like nfba :wasted:

I was about to ask what u have been smoking… then I saw the date.

I’m probably the main promoter of playing only on LAN connection if you play on server. If I want a decent game, that is the only connection type I’ll play on, I won’t settle for anything else unless the person I’m playing has 21 or less ping which I might play on excellent.

Even with lan…kaillera can only be so good. And Emulinker isn’t even as good as kaillera when it comes to handling connection settings…so meh

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Nay, the future is arcades with teleporting pods setup around the world to reach them easier for us all to attend the same ones.

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