EmuLinker Replacement Kaillera Server

The first public beta release of the EmuLinker Kaillera Server is now available for download from:


EmuLinker is a complete rebuild of the original Kaillera server with the intention of stopping hackers improving gameplay performance.

A full list of features can be found on the project’s website at http://www.emulinker.org/index.php?page=Features

Emulinker is a laggy piece of shit

I’d still like to know why I get 10-20 times more desync with Emulinker than without.

emulinker is the best thing to happen to kaillera, idk why other ppl have so much problems, it feels way responsive to me than the original kaillera server software… and people cant join playing games anymore and spam, too good. good work, moosehead.

all we need is a new client now.

Emulinker need to be scrub free :bluu:

Pros = No spammers, No people joing playing games, we can see the games that people create.

Cons = Desynchs more often than before, a little more delay but slightly.

Overall = great software, its the best update were ever gonna get from kaillera. :tup:

It definately did desynch much more than the original untill I figured out why: The original waits for players to send packets, and if they don’t arive, it sends retries. EmuLinker wasn’t doing this at first. I fixed that bug a few weeks ago, but NoX only updated his sever last week.

Honestly, try it now and see if you have the same frequency of problems. EmuLinker may actually be better than the original now because the retries are more agressive and increase as you lag more, to try to get the client/server back in-synch.

As far as slowness, Anti3D is slow because it’s on shared hardware with 20 other servers, and also because I’m running Linux kernel 2.4. Java has a problem Linux kernel 2.4 that prevents me from running it at full speed… I’m trying to get my host to upgrade my server.

EmuLinker is much more processor and memory intensive than the original server, obviously so when you consider all the extra checking it’s doing to prevent hackers, etc. So having a fast machine with lots of memory is important.

Do you notice slowness above/beyond the original server at Godweapon server? It’s on very fast hardware. I don’t notice any slowness there at all.

I just wish you could join games that are in progress… Lets say you see your friend host a game (a great A3 player for example) and you want to hop in and ask for a 3p…

That isnt possible with Emulinker

Well, that can also be used for annoying things, such as hopping into games and asking for 3P when we’re in a heated match…then not only is text spammed on screen, but the game is slowed when you join it, and it desyncs when you leave it.

the no joining playing games is a good/bad thing, guess we’ll just have to live with it though… i think its more good than bad though.

I just notice a bit delay on servers running emulinker. =(