En roundhouse thing



ken roundhouse thing

I saw somone say in a reply to one of the of the threads in this Ken forum that there was a secret ken roundhouse thing. What would that be and whats is its purpose?


can’t tell you.


i can.

but i WONT!


what the hell is it?


you press all 3 kick buttons 3 times really quickly. like, BAM!BAM!BAM!

it’s some sort of weird glitch.




nope. that’s how you do it.


geez. guess i had too much of a poker face when i put that in.

on the real. i don’t know how you do it (if it even exists) and i don’t really give a damn :p.


your right why should i really care about it?


so then its a myth or is their really something to do with ken in that aspect?