Enabling alternate costumes for SSF4 AE on PC?

Hey guys,

Is there a way to enable the alternate costumes so that I can select which costume on the character select screen?

Yes, buy the costumes and they will appear for you to use.

They are about 1200 points per compilation I believe.

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The alternate costume files (the model and skins files) are already in the SSF4 folder I just want to enable them so that I can select them from the character select screen rather than swapping or renaming the model/skin files. Is there a registry hack anyone knows that I can do this?

No, buy them and support the game on PC like the rest of us. The ENTIRE pack on PC is only $15. They were way more on console, support PC games so we keep getting them.

Don’t care, buy them.

Its $15 for over 100 costumes. Its already a steal.

Cool, that is a pretty good excuse to use! I should use it too!

I must go into my local supermarket next time and when I get to the checkout, let the guy know I’ll be taking these tubs of ice cream out the door without paying, cos apparently they already got enough money from me…

Like I said, your $ counts toward getting more games to the PC platform, so it is money well spent.