Enabling visual hitboxes discussion


Need some answers please.

:wgrin: Thanks!

  1. When I cycle through the characters, Balrog, Vega, Sagat, Bison appear, but only their black silhouette. Are you guys getting this as well? Need a fix.

We’ve started work on an online hitbox comparison program over at SBC

if you feel like helping out, or just want to check out progress:

That really looks interesting. Where are you getting hitbox info on ST from? YBH?

For the difficulties regarding positions of characters on screen, you might want to look into using ArtMoney. It can lock the character in place, so you can capture all of the jumping attack frames and such while keeping the character at the same coordinates.

BTW, I’ve already got Ryu’s entire ST spriteset ripped on the same onscreen coordinates if you want them.

Yeah, I’m getting it from the Yoga Book

wow, artmoney sound like it would be really helpful. Would you mind posting up how to do it?

and sprites are always good, you can use the uploader to get them to me :smiley:

I’m getting the hang of it.

Now it’s just a matter of time before I can complete every move.

I’m helping out umbrellastyle with the hit box displaying web app. Thus far, I’ve capped just about all of the normal moves for Ryu, Chun, Dhalsim, Guile, Claw, and Old Sagat. But we could always use some help. If you’re got some time and very basic computer know-how, please read up on this thread. All of the details outlining how to capture sprites in ST can be found there. If you think you can help contribute by capping moves, post up in that thread. Thanks.

For you Hyper Fighting fans:


Yeah, there isn’t any way to fix that that I know of. You’ll have to rip their actual sprites separately and layer them with the data screens.

It’s a painstaking process, but it’s coming along quite nicely:

Someone please confirm the frame numbers in my previous post.


Looks great.

FYI, the far standing round house hit boxes are PERFECT IN EVERY WAY!!!.

I captured gameplay to uncompressed AVI. I perform each attack at least 3 times. I then view the uncompressed AVI w/ AVIEdit, stepping the video frame-by-frame and documenting the number of video frames per animation frame (what I refer to as the individual animations that make up the move…but I guess “sprite” would be better). So, for Ryu’s c.Hk, the first sprite displayed for 3 frames on every instance, the second sprite displayed for either 5 or 6 frames, the 3rd sprite (the one that hits) displayed for 5 or 6 frames, etc.

What I find odd is that the final sprite is set to display for 10 video frames (if we assume that the “CHR CTR” value represents this…however, the final sprite displayed for more than 10 video frames in at least one instance. It’s certainly possible that my analysis is not 100% perfect, but I go to great lengths to verify the results.

Decimal vs. hex values: http://www.danbbs.dk/~erikoest/hex.htm …yes, you are correct on those 3 values.

Awesome work on gief, R | C! :tup:

Thanks for the answer NoAffinity.

I guess this leads to the more important question:

I’m planning on documenting the frame rates next to the hit boxes, so …
Should I use the CHR CTR values? Will this be an accurate method ?

This one? The lower right corner:

I double check it today, seemed correct.
Am I missing something ?

Yeah, If you look at the YBH, it shows different hit boxes. I’ll post a pic tonight.

Ah, I see what you mean now.

However, YBH documents HSF2, and I’m documenting HF.
So there will be some differences.

Zangief’s PPP, KKK, and even his standing MK are different in HSF2.
His MK got an upgrade.

Just to double check I whipped up this quick test:

Assuming that Zangief’s box is the same as YBH, then they shouldn’t be able to hit each other.
In YBH Zangief has a decent chunk of invincibility on the tip of his foot.
Thus, the above example should just be an overlap in red hitbox, and not blue.

Also, look on p. 39 & 70 of YBH.
I believe the majority of images they’ve documented apply more closely with the ST version.

The CHR CTR values are the best method, since the video frame skipping isn’t synchronised to any player action, so the “apparent” frames are going to be different each time you try and document them. Remember that each frame actually takes place gameplay-wise, even if it doesn’t show on screen. T. Akiba’s page uses this format (“total” frames rather than “apparent” frames) for the frame-skipping games (HF and ST).

Note that for some instances, things other than the CHR CTR values are used to determine timing. Like the recovery times of projectiles.

Also, to further clarify, YBH is giving character data for HSF2 ST characters. Probably 95+% of the frame data will be identical, but keep in mind some moves were altered to give additional balance to HSF2. This holds true for the “comparison” pages in YBH, such as Guile’s crouching forward, which is documented for each game version…these are the char versions as they appear in HSF2.

But, yes, for pure comparison sake, using CHR CTR values is probably as accurate as you could hope to get.

Ryu’s Data now available in HF thread of Fighting Game forum.
This’ll be the last progress update I’ll post here (due to double posting).
Just check the HF thread for updates.

I’ll post here if I have more questions RE the technical aspects.