Encoder Issues. Please help


Hey Guys.
I bought the ZD encoder "rematch’ or ‘100%’ version. Using this for the PC

I have believe I have everything wired correctly but I cant get any button to register. My computer doesn’t recognize it as a device but the Red power light is lit up on the board. The directions are a little wonky or it just might not be clicking for me.

I read that it has issues with 64 bit OS. Is this still the case? There’s also a few ‘buttons’ I’m having an issue with like the ‘Modes’ button.

Any help would be appreciated.



Pictures of your wiring? Is there another computer you can test it on?


Sorry at work right now. Was up all last night playing with it trying to get it to work lol. I can test it on my neighbors computer. Do other people have this problem with the ‘Rematch’ version? Seems like everyone uses the normal USB version.


I have owned 2 of the rematch models (still own 1), the only issue I had was having to re-arrange the 5 pin harness for proper directional orientation. Both worked fine on my Windows 7 64 bit pc and an old XP pc.


Do you need to have the ‘Mode’ button wired in? From what I recall I have the K1-K3 and R1-R3 buttons wires as well as the Start button and the Select button. USB in the USB slot and 5 pin for the Lever


I know you need the mode button for PS3 and PS2 use, cant remember if it was mandatory for PC- I’ve always had it connected regardless. Try swapping your select button for it. Also, while it shouldn’t make a difference on pc, I have K1-K4, L1-L2, and R1-R2 connected as my primary buttons.


Hey thanks for all the help lol. I was an idiot and put the 5 pin in the USB slot and vice versa. Thanks are working no problem.