Encountered AFK Farming/Cheating


Hi guys,

I encountered AFK cheating by “DemonicDraco” and I don’t know:

a) the method by which this cheat is done, and
b) the purpose of farming fights while AFK.

Now, is this is a known issue? Was the user farming for experience points? How can I avoid this player in the future? I’ve been matched up against his Cammy twice today and it is clearly set to continuously V-Skill.

Here is a video of one of the two matches. I made sure to press random buttons to show that regardless of my actions his inputs never change in timing, it is definitely set to continuous v-skill.



Known issue?: Yes but uncommon
Purpose: Gain xp (and thus fight money from levelups)
Can I avoid?: Nope

For now just beat them and take your fight money when you see this I guess. Nothing else to do really.

He isn’t necessarily automated either. Could be someone just goofing around.


Yeah just take the W and bounce, besides you never know if it is someone just doing one of those “Best [character] player ever” videos where they just stick to one move and see how many scrubs essentially kill themselves against it.


Thank, guys. I figured it was for XP farming but figured I’d ask because I was confused over the stupidity of it.


Close match, gg bro. You gonna deny the man his runback?


Haha! I knew someone would point to my technical savant status.