Encyclopaedia Deadpoolica (A beginners guide to Deadpool)

Encyclopaedia Deadpoolica

Merc with a mouth

I will be compiling everything I know (along with help from you guys) and use in this thread along with descriptions, tips, aswell as combos, videos players etc etc.

If anything needs correcting or if you feel anything needs adding please post.



Real name: Wade Wilson
Nationality: Canadian
Gender: Male
Height: 6’ 2"
Weight: 210lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Bald due to cancer, previously brown/blonde
Unusual Features: Horribly scarred skin
Powers: Accelerated Healing Factor
Occupation: Mercenary for hire
**First Appearance: **New Mutants #98



Wade Wilson is a mercenary for hire and subsequent cancer victim who took part in the Weapon X program as a last hope to stay alive and cure him. The weapon X program was both a failure and a success giving him an accelerated healing factor (like Wolverine) but also accelerating his cancer causing countless tumours all over his body. Wade is constantly in agony from the cancer eating away at his cells and his healing factor constantly regerating them, this is one of the reasons why he talks so much shit to cope with the pain.

Due to his accelerated healing factor Deadpool has been ‘killed’ many times but always comes back to life making him near immortal. Wade has no other powers but is an excellent assasin well versed in countless forms of combat and stealth. Deadpool is also immune to mind control, mind reading (Xavier / Cable) and copy cats (Taskmaster) as his brain cells are constantly dying and regenerating meaning they cannot latch onto his mind and his fighting style can change on a whim.



  1. Original
  2. X-men
  3. Weapon-X
  4. Uncanny X-Force






Deadpools st.L is actually very useful as a close range anti air. It has a nice high hitbox and can be chained into itself multiple times to hit confirm. Once it has connected you can chain it into S for a launch into a combo.


This is a 2 hit kick with nice range that is excellent for hit confirming off a cr.L. st.M cancels into cr.H easily and then a full combo.


This move has a very high hitbox and will wiff over most crouched characters. cr.M on hit launches the opponent into the range of st.H. This move causes massive knockback and is primarily used to combo into Quick Work.


Shoryuken, this is Deadpools standard launcher. Can be used as an anti air (and good against things like Tron spamming j.H) but on block it’s very punishable and cannot be cancelled into anything. Mainly used in combos.


Really good low normal, chainable hit confirm into combos. Deadpool has a very low profile during this move making some opponents shit wiff over him.


This move also gives Deadpool a low profile but with the bonus of his elbow hitting high up which means it can be used as an effective anti air too. Launches on hit so that it combos into st.H.


Slide. This move is very useful due to the distance it moves you and how low he is to the ground. For example, an Akuma player spamming hurricane kicks can be punished by this move everytime as deadpool slides underneath it and tags his leg, of which you can then cancel into S for a combo. This move is unsafe on block however you can cancel it into Ninja Gifts to make it safer and retreat.


All purpose j.L, nothing too special.


Deadpools longest range air normal and can crossup up too. Good for air to air hunting and combos into itself.


Deadpools knee, this move can also crossup and has a higher hit box than his other air moves. Mainly used in combos. Great for instant overheads on big crouched characters like Sentinel.


This move is his best crossup air attack, does a flip and hits with both hands. Has some start up but placed correctly can make it hard for your opponent to see which side you are going to hit on from a jump in.


Deadpools overhead, 25 frame start up and lavish animation means that good players will see it coming however it is +3 on block giving you a nice mix up between a low/throw afterwards if they havent pushblocked you. This move can also crossup some crouched opponents at close range. Causes unrecoverable knockdown in OTG state when both hits hit. More than enough time to combo into Katanarama-Chimichangas whichever side you hit it on. You can also cancel it into S for a launch without using your OTG wallbounce however comboing into S can’t really be hit confirmed and is very unsafe on block where as the overhead is +3. When this moves hits an airborne opponent it still gives you the OTG state for combos, this is VERY useful to know.


Deadpool has a very unique taunt, it is a speech bubble that has it’s own hitbox and can be super cancelled! He can also cancel it into any special and his launch. It’s very easy to combo into it after a Katanarama-Chimichangas wallbounce in a corner. Not terribly useful but an excellent troll move.



Trigger Happy:


Projectile, fires 10 low priority bullets. Each strength of attack gives you a different angle of fire. Each one is useful for screen coverage when zoning and can be easily hit confirmed into gun super on hit. All of these have large recovery on wiff however can be canceled into Deadpools parry super if you think someone is going to punish you with a parryable attack.

L-Trigger Happy is low to the ground horizontal fire. This version cannot be ducked and is the go to projectile if you want to chip someone whilst they are grounded.

M-Trigger Happy is high horizontal fire. This one is better for keeping people grounded as it has a much better chance of hitting someone who is expecting gun fire and trying to jump. However most characters (if not all) can duck this.

H-Trigger Happy is high diagonal fire. This move is excellent for characters who like air control. Make sure you learn the angle so that it is always either blocked or hits because on wiff you can be punished pretty bad.

Air Trigger Happy:

QCF+ATK in the air

The air version of the above attack is far better mainly because the bullets follow your air movement and landing on the ground allows you to recover instantly, making them much safer on wiff or block. The main drawback is that you cannot attack or move after one of these come out until you hit the ground. So if you’ve super jumped and done L-Air Trigger Happy you will not be able to block for a while meaning your opponent can and will punish you where they can.

L-Air Trigger Happy shoots diagonal down forward. This move is great for moving closer to a character and punishing fireballs off a normal jump. You can also combo off this when you land if done at the correct height.

M-Air Trigger Happy shoots horizontally and covers a large amount of screen when done whilst falling from a jump. This is your go to move for zoning, excellent screen coverage and can often force people to start super jumping to avoid it. Always do it after the peak of a normal back jump that way it shoots all the way to the ground and you land pretty quickly. If done right even Sentinel can’t punish it with a tigerknee’d Hardrive from full screen as you’ll land and block.

H-Air Trigger Happy shoots diagonally upwards. Good for catching those characters that like to fly or super jump a lot. Learn the angle as it is quite high up and some characters will punish you easily if they are jumping in just under the firing range.

Ninja Gifts:


Pressing an attack button straight after doing a Trigger Happy causes Deadpool to chuck out a Ninja Gift. Ninja Gift can only be done before the bullets come out of the gun. Ninja Gifts are another move mainly used for Deadpools zoning game. The major benifit these have over Trigger Happy is that after they are done you can still use your movement options / attacks / block etc. EG you could throw out a M-Ninja gift then double jump, wall jump and air block all before you hit the ground. These can also be used to cancel the recovery of an unsafe normal on block like cr.H for example.

L-Ninja Gift is his Shurikens. These cover a large amount of screen but have very little damage or hit stun. Nice to pull people out of the air but best used when your opponent is under you trying to punish your jump zoning.

M-Ninja Gift is his pineapples (grenades). This is probably the most used Ninja Gift as these stay on the ground and explode on impact. These are another huge important part of Deadpools zoning game along with his M-Air Trigger Happy. Grenades cover the ground and the falling area in front of Deadpool. This stops advancing opponents on the ground and forces them to take to the air. On hit pineapples put your opponent in a juggle state of which if close enough you can combo off them easily with S or super them at a distance.

H-Ninja Gift is his Bolo. This is a strange one as on hit it ties up your opponent for a free follow up however due to the distance you will land at normally all you can combo into is Quick Work or Cutting Time super. This move can be used in the Bolo Loop to build meter which will be explained later on in the guide.

Quick Work


This move is a sliding sword attack that hits low and causes an untechable launch state. Mainly used in combos due to the untechable state allowing combos off it. The strength used determines the distance and start up time. Also depending on the strength and screen positioning you can easily combo off these with a dash cr.M into combo or a super. This move is also used to combo off a succesful Bolo hit. M and H-Quick Works can be combo’d infinitely into themselves when in X-factor lvl3, however some characters (eg Sentinel) require different combos due to weight/size.

Katana-Rama & Chimichangas:

F, D, D/F+ATK, H

This is Deadpools sword attack and is mainly used with the H version to OTG in combos and wallbounce with the follow up H (Chimichangas) hit. The H-Katana-Rama is vital to nearly all of Deadpools main solo combos as it is his best OTG move. Chimichangas sends your opponent flying fullscreen to a wall for a wallbounce allowing you to combo off it. The L version can be used as an unsafe anti air also.



This is Deadpools teleport however the most important thing to know is that it unfortunately fails every 3 times you do it. The strength of the ATK used determines where Deadpool appears in relation to the screen, L=Far Left, M=Middle, H=Far Right. This teleport other than the fact that it fails, is actually very good. Quick recovery, instant screen travel. The only other issue is that it will not crossup a cornered opponent like other characters does (Dante etc). This move is mainly used for tricks and i feel it is VERY important in making deadpool a viable character. Combined with the right assists (Iron man Unibeam etc) this can create some really difficult teleport crossup tricks for free combos.

Failed Teleport

Every 3rd time you do a Teleport you will get a failed teleport. This actually does red damage to Deadpool himself but also has a large hitbox that can actually OTG YOUR OPPONENT AND BE SUPER CANCELLED! For ultimate trolling you easily combo into this where you would normally use katana-rama. To reset your teleport counter I always fail teleport after i kill a character before the next one drops in. REMEMBER, Deadpool is in an OTG’able state himself after the failed teleport meaning if not done when you are completely safe your opponent can easily combo you off the ground (EG Gravity Squeeze).



Happy Happy Trigger:


This is Deadpools projectile Hyper, a beef’d up version of his Trigger Happy. The height is that in between L and M Trigger Happy’s so most characters have to block it even when crouched (except maybe Amaterasu). This Hyper is great for hit confirming off a Trigger Happy at full screen. Also this hyper does less damage than cutting time however, after heavy damage scaling from a big combo this is a better option than cutting time as overall you’ll get more dmage due to the many more hits. This move can be lvl3 XFC’d at full screen into dash xx M-Quick Work to land the infinite. Great all purpose Hyper for most DHC’s also.

Air Happy Happy Trigger:

QCF+ATK+ATK in the air

This is a quite useful air super for deadpool, he shoots for some time diagonally downforward which means jumping things like Sentinels Hyper Sentinel Force hyper guarantees you air happy happy trigger. This move also OTG’s so is great after a full combo. You can tigerknee (D,D/F,F,U/F+ATK+ATK) this hyper to easily land this as an OTG.

Cutting Time:


This is Deadpools sword slash super and the startup is like a quick work about half screen length. This move is mainly used for the DHC trick as on the FOURTH hit of Cutting Time it places the opponent into a high untechable launch state for you to then DHC into a power up hyper (Like Dante’s Devil Trigger) to carry on an unscaled combo.

4th Wall Crisis:


Deadpools lvl3 parry super, parries all physical hits (no projectiles) smashes you with his own health and hyper bars. This costs 3 bars so is a massive risk, especially when a lot of characters can cancel their normals (that you are looking to parry) into supers on reaction to deadpools super flash. Deadpool can parry some pretty cool stuff with this though, like Sentinels Hardrive and Hulks Mega Crash. Deadpool also gets a follow up combo after a succesful parry by doing a dash H-Katanarama-Chimichangas wallbounce into combo of choice.



**? - Quick Work **

This is a low hitting Quick Work which means this assist can create unblockables for characters hitting with a jump in or overhead at the same time. This launches on hit so you need characters that can combo airborne opponents when it lands. Covers about half of the screen length.

? - Katana-Rama!

This move is an OTG and therefore really helps characters that do not have one of their own (Captain America etc) to extend combos. Very quick.

? - Trigger Happy

This is his upward angle projectile. Great for covering space when zoning as not many characters can cover this area of the screen but the other 2 assists are probably more practical.



Basic BnB’s

cr.L, st.M(2), cr.H, S, j.M, j.M, j.H, j.S, land, dash, H-Katanarama-Chimichangas, wallbounce, cr.H, S, j.H, j.S, delay, Air Happy Happy Trigger

cr.L, cr.L, cr.M, st.H xx H-Quick Work, dash, cr.M, S, j.M, j.M, j.H, j.S, land, dash, H-Katanarama-Chimichangas, wallbounce, dash, Cutting Time

f+M, H-Katanarama-Chimichangas, dash, cr.H, S, j.M, j.M, j.H, j.S, land, dash, Air Happy Happy Trigger

4th Wall Crisis, dash, H-Katanarama-Chimichangas, wallbounce, cr.H, S, j.M, j.H, j.S, delay, Air Happy Happy Trigger

Advanced BnB’s

cr.L, cr.L, cr.M, st.H xx H-Quick Work, dash, cr.M, st.H xx M-Quick Work, dash, S, j.M, j.H, j.S, delay, Air Happy Happy Trigger

Bolo Loop:

(Corner only) cr.L, st.M(2), cr.H, S, j.M, j.M, j.H, j.S, land, dash, H-Katanarama-Chimichangas, wallbounce, S, jump, H-Ninja Gift, land, S, jump, H-Ninja Gift, land, S, jump, H-Ninja Gift… land, Cutting Time

Your back has to be against the wall when doing this. Normally you can get at least 3 reps on all characters and is easier in x-factor, doesn’t do much damage but builds meter.
XFactor lvl3 Infinites**:

cr.L, st.M(2), cr.H, S, j.M, j.M, j.H, j.S, land, dash, H-Katana-Rama XFClvl3, st.H xx [M-Quick Work xN]

Forward Throw/Forward Air Throw, H-Katana-Rama, XFClvl3, st.H xx [M-Quick Work xN]

f+M, H-Katanarama, XFClvl3, st.H xx [M-Quick Work xN]

DHC Trick:

cr.L, st.M(2), cr.H, S, j.M, j.M, j.H, j.S, land, dash, H-Katanarama-Chimichangas, wallbounce, dash Cutting Time, DHC on the 4th hit into a power up Hyper (eg: Dante’s Devil Trigger) then continue combo with said character. This combo uses your wallbounce and OTG.

cr.L, cr.L, cr.M, st.H xx H-Quick Work, dash, cr.M, st.H xx M-Quick Work xx Cutting Time, DHC on the 4th hit into a power up Hyper (eg: Dante’s Devil Trigger) then continue combo with said character. This combo doesn’t use your OTG or wallbounce.


To be continued…

Hey great guide!! Very informative and such. Keep up the good work A++

Very nice. One thing I did come across is that you mentioned Deadpool’s ability to cancel his taunt into supers. He can also cancel it into any special and his launch.

Thanks for the comments and the input guys :slight_smile:

Can you combo this tho? I havent been able to, especially after a long combo

post from our regional forums, take from it what you need.

you can combo from his taunt

if anyone has more info on characters the long combo works on please share

EDIT: Combo also works on Dormammu and Shehulk

Nice guide :slight_smile:

aforementioned long combo