Encyclopedia Dramatica has been shut down


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Encyclopedia Dramatica is Gone: What Happened? - New York News - Runnin’ Scared



But I loved that site…


Given the nature of the site, I’d say it’s too soon to rule out trollin’ yet, but on the off-chance it really is gone for good, I’d say it was bound to happen at some point. Between the anti-ED hate sites (Shutdowned.com might be throwing a party), server bills that were supported 100% by donations, internal drama about a site meant to catalog and make fun of drama, and unwanted public attention like making fun of the Va. Tech shootings in their oh-so-tongue-and-cheek-way getting into the news, it was just bound to collapse into itself at some point.

You just can’t sustain a website run by B-tards, people.


Seems to be back?


Big loss.


how would someone even ever find that site? srsly, im asking. i went to it from some random link someone posted to gross ppl out in gd. guess i answered my own question. stay free, me…


I am the one who posted the link to the Offended article lulz. Offended is a great page because it shows how fucked up people are today.


I never understood what this site was. Seemed like whenever someone posted a link, the article was filled with a bunch of references to lame memes that I don’t spend enough time on the internet to understand. Can’t say I’ll miss it cause I never really understood the value in it in the first place.


I used that site to understand the buzzwords kids keep throwing around on these forums, but you have to learn like 5 more to understand their definitions.


hope it stays dead.


Have any of you bothered to go to the website? I can access it fine.


read up on it
they’re financially fucked, and after people started talking about it going down, they went back up, and are now asking for donations to stay afloat


The Drama with Encyclopedia Dramatica

Gawker says the official reason ED gave was a “tech error”, which I ain’t buyin’ since that wouldn’t be cause for saying your site was “dead”. The server might have clicked off for a day or so, but I’m going with lack of funds as the main reason.


ED serves a useful purpose, in that it mocks everything, including things everyone is afraid to mock
the problem is most of the mocking isn’t funny, just unimaginative juvenile trolling


/. pretty much stated that it was lack of funds. Then the site came back up asking for money.

Keep in mind how much money it costs to run that site. LOTS of uploads and bandwidth getting used up there. And google won’t give them any ad money, nor can they get that many advertisers.


That link said that it was a technical error and had nothing to do with money. That blog post asking for money was over 1 year old.