Encyclopedia Dramatica's Offended Page

Holy shit that was disturbing. Some the stuff posted on the page is stuff I couldn’t even think could be possible. I declare it the most shocking page on the internet of all time. I had to stop halfway as it was too disturbing for me. You can give it credit for showing just how fucked up some people really are.

15 pictures.

What’s your record, SRK?

i was perfectly content not knowing that page existed…

i got to the vagina with puss filled sores all over it

does it mean im weird that ive seen literally every single picture on that page before?
lol at the end, HEAL ME WEIRD PICS

Wow. Did not get very far. I will try to beat 10 pictures when I am not at work.

gross man. I looked at all of it like a train wreck and wish I didn’t. Lol at the end though.

i was more gross out w/ 2girls1 cup…Pictures really dont gross me out, now if they have this on vid…

Blue waffle is awesome, every girl wants one.

Google search result for Blue Waffles, my Shitzhu got raped. http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=A0WTZWx7LhxMVS8ARREYxgt.;_ylv=3?qid=20100618184852AAPAUSQ

lmao @ the discussion on that page

I just kept scrolling man. I was just using the wheel so I saw pretty much every little bit. Let me tell you, I found myself saying outloud “It doesn’t end! It doesn’t end!” when I was about halfway through and it just keeps going.

definitely more stress than it’s worth.

I can’t do it, fuck! Made it to the picture of the penis head split open with a ring, oh my fucking god.

Last four pics weren’t that nasty…
Yes, I made it through the entire page. But in my defense I didn’t exactly analyze every picture. I have seen quite a few of them though, sadly.

went thru the whole thing. its pretty bad, but didnt really phase me. the last pic is george w. bush.

boring… :coffee:

those dead girls had small calves.

Nothing on that page really bothered me. I have long been desensitized by the internet.


Done this multiple times, all of them in the company of friends except for the first time I’ve discovered it. I can handle everything on there except for the animal cruelty shit, it’s just too unsettling.

its not really animal cruilty, its butchering meat for food. they just happen to use dogs for food in some places.