End of days - Chesapeake, VA - Greenbrier Cyberstation 10.24.09


Well Everyone knows it’s not too long before Tekken 6 comes out for console. I figured i would throw one last tournament marking the “end of days” for Tekken 5 : DR. This is one last time for people to bring their “A” game. The tournament will be on 10.24.09 at 3pm. Sign ups are anytime between open and the start time of 3. I may setup a sign up on here somehow. I run a namco arcade. But this is my own inependant tournament, not a national one thrown by my company.

You’re late you lose. I know some places have a tendancy to hold the tournament until key players show up. Since my store closes at 9pm i’m giving myself 6 hours to get the tournament done, so i kinda can’t allow myself to do that. I have an idea in that region and will get back to you all about it. The best i can do for now is have you sign up and hold off your match until the end of the round and throw you into losers if you don’t make it on time.

Date and time is set in stone. Prizes and Entry Fee are To Be Determined. Give me a week or so to get back to you on that. This is just to get the word out. Rules are standard: double elim, 2 of 3, losers bracket, yada yada.

We only have one DR machine so i would like to see if anyone is willing to donate a PS3 or maybe two of them with DR installed and two sticks for the event. I don’t think anyone wants to play my PSP version of DR.It would mainly be to speed things up. Just PM me.

I will have more information ASAP. :chat:


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