End of days Tekken 5 DR. Chesapeake, VA. Greenbrier Cyberstation Win Tekken 6! 10.24


****UPDATE!!!: OK Everyone. Here is what i have so far. The tournament will take place on 10.24.09. 3 days prior to the release of tekken 6. Trying to get a lot of people involved. I am in talks with namco themselves to help with prizes and so far so good.

Entry Fee will be $7 a person to be in the tournament. This tournament will be Double Elimination and will start at 3. The mall closes at 9 so if i get a lot of people we need to be out BY 9. The tournament will consist of 1 Acade machine and two console versions of Tekken 5 DR. Basically the consoles are there to speed up the process. Especially if lots of people show up as i am expecting. I suggest you bring your own controller, especially for the arcade machine if you don’t like stick.

** As far as prizes go, let me first explain something to everyone so i don’t get any crap. I work for namco. I am a manager at a namco location. The location is in Virginia, therefore I can NOT do cash prizes. To get technical, it is illegal to give cash prizes for events like tournaments. In VA it is considered gambling. I know it sucks, but i can’t do anything about the law here. I know there are other events taht do it and thats fine and they are taking a risk for themselves. If you think i should do cash prizes under the table, there is no way i would risk my job to satisfy peoples’ desire to have cash. I have twin babies and can not afford to lose my job. There are a lot of places around here that got into a lot of trouble for doing world poker tournaments and they all got cracked down on. And gave regular prizes instead of cash **

So for the prizes, there are two two factors: number of entrants and Money. Now grant it, getting 16-32 players is no problem so this is the first set of prizes

1st place gets a pre-ordered copy of Tekken 6 for whatever console they pick up.
2nd place gets a 30 dollar giftcard for gamestop, half the cost of Tekken 6
3rd place gets a $15 dollar gift card for gamestop, 1/4 of the cost of the game

Those prizes are garaunteed.

In the event that i get enough players, around 40, hoping for 64 then the prize values increase.

1st place gets tekken 6/fighting stick combo
2nd place gets tekken 6 pre-order
3rd place gets 40 dollar gift card.

Whatever i get from namco will be the minor prizes. Hopefully enough to cover the top 10 to 16 players.
Please PM me and let me know what you think. This event is a little over 3 weeks away. As for other tournaments, i do not have any plans on doing any other games. If you want to bring something for casulas let me know in advance. This even MAY take place outside of the arcade.

Original post:
Well Everyone knows it’s not too long before Tekken 6 comes out for console. I figured i would throw one last tournament marking the “end of days” for Tekken 5 : DR. This is one last time for people to bring their “A” game. The tournament will be on 10.24.09 at 3pm. Sign ups are anytime between open and the start time of 3. I may setup a sign up on here somehow. I run a namco arcade. But this is my own inependant tournament, not a national one thrown by my company.

You’re late you lose. I know some places have a tendancy to hold the tournament until key players show up. Since my store closes at 9pm i’m giving myself 6 hours to get the tournament done, so i kinda can’t allow myself to do that. I have an idea in that region and will get back to you all about it. The best i can do for now is have you sign up and hold off your match until the end of the round and throw you into losers if you don’t make it on time.

Date and time is set in stone. Prizes and Entry Fee are To Be Determined. Give me a week or so to get back to you on that. This is just to get the word out. Rules are standard: double elim, 2 of 3, losers bracket, yada yada.

We only have one DR machine so i would like to see if anyone is willing to donate a PS3 or maybe two of them with DR installed and two sticks for the event. I don’t think anyone wants to play my PSP version of DR.It would mainly be to speed things up. Just PM me.

I will have more information ASAP. :chat:


Ok, just spoke with the mall today. Tournament definately has to be over by 9pm, or else the mall will have to charge me like over 100 to stay late per hour. So the start time is solid. If i can get some systems i can spped up the tournament. I am unaware of any difference between the PS3 version of DR and the arcade since i don’t have a PS3. If they are identical this would be the idea way to do the tournament.

As far as prizes, i am still determining what they will be. Just PM me or hit up my AIM : namco003


I might come and bring a PS3. As far as I know, the PS3 version is identical. I wouldn’t say perfect, because nothing in Tekken is perfect lol.


Well i’m still working on prizes. So far if i get a minimum of 16 players. A pre-ordered tekken 6 will go to first place. I also snagged a tekken 6 shirt and will try to get more for prizes.


Ok here’s what i got. What i want to do is have prizes for top 10-16 depending on number of entrants. I would love to get 64. If that happens, then first place will get the arcade stick/tekken 6 combo. Second place will get tekken 6 (pre-orders for both). Third place will get a 30 dollar gift card to gamestop. I will start a sign up online sheet soon. Just something to get things started.

Tell me what you all think and suggestions.

I plan on having at least 3 stations to play on, one being the arcade machine. I wish i could swing it to have the eventake place in the food court. I see things happeneing allt eh time but when itried to do a DDR tournament out there they just kept coming up with excuses as to why they could not do it.


Hey guys, i just got another e-mail back from namco home division. That’s right i said ANOTHER e-mail, this is like the 5th e-mail i have recieved in regards to getting support from the company to help me with the tournament. Its looking really positive. I think because i work for another division of namco it helps.


Any chance on getting it out into the food court? At least with Tekken it wouldn’t be TOO much noise.


Any chance on doing an Initial D tourny sometime?


I’m working on that. I promised to do a Maxi Tune 3 tournament so after i get rules for that i wil impliment an initial D tournament.


I’m still working on that, I have to go talk to the mall in regards to signing up for the space and seeing if it gets approved. they do shit out there all the so i don’t see why not. The last time i tried though they pretty much gave me the run around.


Derek, when you get the chance, post some of this stuff up at the Tekken site:



I already dropped them a line but it would probably look better if you posted there yourself. I can bring a PS3 with T5DR (and a TV if you need it).


Thanks for the info. gonna post right now. I completely forgot about zaibatsu. what dumb ass.

Please , i need at least two and Jon said he would bring his also. FYI< i dropped off the form to try to have the tournament in the food court. Just waiting for the mall to get back with me.

UPDATE, can someone post it for me. i can’t post there for some reason, i guess i havent used my account in so long




Got minor prizes in from namco. Took some pics

First prize only shirt front

First prize shirt back

2nd thru 8th prize shirts front

2nd thru 8th shirts back

1st and 2nd place art boards. maybe a pencil board not exactly sure

Pencil board and arm sleeve. Got 4 arm sleeves not quite sure what to do with them 3rd thru 6th place




Bump, add times to the first post.


Btw. Tournaments are not considered gambling.

As per the law:

Street Fighter is not a “game of chance”. 3rd strike may be close to it though.

It’s much the same as contestants competing for a purse prize in boxing, golf, chess, or what ever else you can think of.

Plus: Why is a tekken only tourney being advertised on SRK? Isn’t that what TZ is for?


Stop hatin’ Robin. :arazz:

He’s just trying to get a good turnout. Plus, from what I see on the frontpage of the forums, Capcom games aren’t the only ones on this site…


That’s fine and dandy and all. If you want cash prizes and want to call and ty to convince namco to do it, then i will change my mind, but until then…


That’s fine and dandy and all, but as a tournament organizer it’s your responsibility to do just that. Stop being lazy.

Your sole reasoning was that it was considered illegal gambling and thus was against the law in VA.

That is bullshit, as shown.