End of Option-SELECTS?

For some option-selects are a way of life. For others like myself I tend not to live by them in my gameplay.
What if this were lost ? Or somehow hybridized out of the fighting engine ? How would it affect the game in your opinion ?

I’d love it b/c I could get out of the Akuma Specific Vortex with no guess work. Just back dash and I’m good.

I’d hate it b/c it would screw up my Vortex on opponents that are trying to wake up and when I want to poke > lp hado. I think we all use option select with cr. roundhouse without realizing it.

I don’t rely on them as a way of life strategy, but I do think it cheapens the game to a certain extent. If someone is using the option select you just have to guess right on wake up or just block. As a Gouken mainer I’m already accustomed to doing all of that so I don’t think it would change my game play too much. But for those who like to safe jump ~ srk. I think it would ruin their entire rush down strategy.

I hate the idea of option selects. Gotta use em’ to be competitive though.

it can’t be taken out of the game, maybe only crouch teching, but everything else is here to stay…if you’re not using it, you’re missing out on opportunities to punish or save yourself from punishment

If I’m not mistaken, haven’t option selects existed since the SFII days?

Yup. And they ain’t going anywhere. Some body PM when they take option selects out of the game.

Aren’t option selects a given in fighting games in general?

Pm? Sorry lost me there.

For the most part I don’t use them due to the fact that I plain and simply haven’t read up on all the known-to-date ones. I believe I should put them more into my style…

^ I was just messin… asking someone to send me a personal message (p.m.) when they change it.

Dive kick ~ Crouching Roundhouse is the easiest and most effective to do, imo. Especially with wake up shenanigans.

But you also have cr. mp/fp/lk > lp hado / gf to use when you are playing footsies. ~ Tatsu is good for backdashers or people who like to use hyper armor or focus the entry dive kick.

I need to start using them more as well, b/c I’ve been giving up way to many punish opportunities and allowing my opponents to drop HUGE combos on me lately.

Option selects are all in the mind… the limits are given from frame data.

you can’t exactly take them out.