End of Summer Sale - PS1, PSP

Hey guys,
Need to get rid of more stuff. Gotta pay them school bills. All items are shipped in US only. I only take paypal. Prices include shipping. Pics upon request. Holds will only be placed if asked too. DO NOT ASSUME THAT I’M HOLDING ANYTHING UNLESS YOU SPECIFICALLY ASK.
Listed is whatever I have left that still have for sale.

Playstation 1
$30 - Sony PocketStation - Crystal - US
$30 - Bust A Groove US

$25 - Lumines 332435-CVR US - I think this version allows for PSP downgrade from verion 3.50. I’m not sure though.

Please PM if interested.

Please contact me if your interested.

$25 - Dreamcast System - RCA cables, power cable, controller, Total Control (PS > DC converter) Total control is not the PLus version.

ill take that…

gimme your paypal info and ill also include the 3% for paypal fees so you dont get shafted

Dj-matix - check your pm


Buy all the DS games for only $100 shipped!

Bump for an awesome seller…

buy his shit folks…brotha needs money!

status update

price dropped

Can you post up pics of the PSP item? Potential buyer if it is what I think it is.

Sanji Jimura - PM sent

Got the PM. Not what I thought it was.