End of Summer Tournament - Ottawa, ON - 08/25/07

Trying to pay for books?
Afraid to get locked down by school this year?
Want to put your new found skills to the test?
Have a vengeance for your month old grudges?
Bored as shit?
Wanna see what real SF is all about?

Summer’s almost over aka. Time for another tournament.

Ottawa is hosting a tournament Saturday August 25th. Bring your ass down.

Saturday, August 25th 2006
Ottawa University Games Room
100 University road
0024 Jock Turcot Building
Map Link
What:CAPCOM vs. SNK 2
$10 Double Elimination
Console, EVO style rules

$10 Double Elimination
Console, EVO style rules

$10 Double Elimination
Console, EVO style rules

$10 Double Elimination
Cabinet, no rules

$5 Double Elimination
Console, EVO style rules

$5 Double Elimination
Cabinet, EVO style rules

:tup: Good luck Khiem, I hope you get a great turnout. :tup:

Oh fuck who’s going from Toronto.

ST in your roster? Good shit! Hope to see some videos. :tup:

yeah im there


ill try booking the day off

if i can come, ill bring my mother’s laptop and my tv tuner card for st

I dont know if I can play Xmen without all the advantages I get from the emulator.

I’ll be there.

Khiem - I know our experiences with playing on the laptops have been horrid; but would you be open to the possibility of having Xmen vs SF on emulator? You know I wouldn’t be bringing this up if I didn’t think I could have it perform properly.
I’m doing this so we can get out of towners in. I’ve already heard from some that they wouldn’t come if it was on the cab…

EDIT: Same time as that post. Keeps us laughing…

I can handle that. If everyone who plays is comfortable. Cause I know the controls on our cab are less than spectacular. But if it’s less than perfect, people are gonna complain.

Hopefully Myles can take Saturday off to help out.

Put me down for Cvs2 and 3s. 90% I will come but 10% I may not come caz Ill be in Iran

K from the XSF thread for whoever doesn’t know:
Anyone who wants to MM,
XSF format:
best 2 of 3 sets.
Games per set TBD by players.
1 set emu, 1 set cab, coinflip determines choice of final format.

No whiners allowed.

wow dis is tempting

Hype this tourney UP!~~ XVSF this time its on our turf! T.O can you handle emu+cab? WHAT WHAT WHAT! E-TOWN? Do I smell an OPTIC BLAST??


Yeah son, this is gonna be crazy.
You Tdot boys better come down for this, and any MTLers who love the game show up too. We’re right in between y’all geographically, and the city really is gorgeous this time of the year.
Let’s do this up proper.

PS my wolverine moves faster than R Kelly on a blind date with a twelve year old.

mm anyone? cvs2, 3s, mvsc2 for w/e

I got your money match JS, CVS2 1 game, Random Groove, Random Characters, Last Character R2 for 5 bucks.

I’ll money maych you in CvS2 for sure. Minimum 10$.

I’ll put money on some Ottawa guys against you in CvS2 and even 3S.

I might money match you in 3S but I just started playing this year and you’re probably going to kick my ass…

Let’s make this hype guys. We can make this bigger and better than the last…

Khiem let’s throw some team tourney’s in. They don’t take long…

I thought you retired… Get outta here. Unless you wanna see what we’s all about and bring some of the tdot crew down. That’d be dope.

hahahahaha. I’ll bring your stick down to the cave tonight bro.

i’ll sidebet Otown over Tdot in CVS2.

I can do team tournies as well

Roger or JS > anyone in Ottawa.

You have to come to bet money.