End of Summer Tournament - Ottawa, ON - 08/25/07

Why so you can back out of the bet again??

You’re the last person on earth that should talk about betting.

Do i smell a MM Matt?

callmeanewb vs krasshole?

That would be too funny!!!

Ill be there as usual for the 3s+xmen

KH if you don’t want to bet against Khiem I’ll MM you in XSF, name yer price.
We can do this split-format MM like i suggested; that’s probably the fairest.

And I think what Khiem meant to say was that if you wanna bet on Rog or JS against anyone from Ottawa, you gotta BE there to actually place the bet. :wink:

Also I think you guys should MM here, first thing…

But my MM offer stands. XSF. Best of (however many you feel comfortable with), split format.

Dude. I’m never gonna make any money matches with shitty players EVER again. Everyone called me out on srk for money matches at T8. So I go and ask them to play and I get “Not now lets run it later” Then later comes “Oh I dont wanna do it anymore, you’ll beat me whatever”.

It would be funny, what it wouldn’t be is close or entertaining to see some newb get s.HK hyper grav’d all day long.

Then MM me, buddy, I came 5th.

EDIT: You can also MM CB, who you said you’d bet on yourself against at XvSF OR MvC2.
If you’re confident that the match against Khiem would be a whitewash, I think you’ll find us a little more your speed :wink:

Get the fuck out of this thread scrub. I always see you bitching every second. Forget Roger or Js master. If you come down here, Ill money match you in 3s and XVSF for 20$ best out of 3.

10$ on One and Only, John, CB and CallMeANewb.

Do I have to act like a huge penis to get someone to agree to a MM?
Come to Ottawa and get housed for free,
and then come to the cave and…
also get HOUSED FOR FRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE (well actually for whatever the wager is)

Ya you’re a real tough guy aren’t you? Challenge me in a game I dont even fucking play.

Mind your own fucking business to. Khiem always runs his mouth about this and that but will never back anything up with his money. I dont know who the fuck you are and I couldn’t care less. I’m not good you’re not good, just shut the fuck up if no ones talking to you.

what does being tough have to do with games?
I mean JWong (by way of example) is a nasty motherfucker on any game he touches, but would you be scared if he jumped you in a back alley?

Matt, Ehsan does play XSF, which you do play as well.
And he’s not that good. If you’re not good, and he’s not good, MM.

But then again you did say you’d bet on yourself against CB…

So MM CB or myself at the very least :smiley:

Calm down PMS kid. Apparently you cant read caz I said Xvsf as well

Why don’t the two of you MM split-format (you and Khiem, or you and Ace) at the Cap Challenge.

If you’re so confident of your victory, don’t just rest on laurels you just don’t have yet and talk shit, man. Bill it as a MM, and if it doesn’t go down, then you can talk shit till your gums are brown.

Otherwise, that’s just rude.

Khiem has been integral to getting the scene to the point to which it has gotten here. Period. He’s running the tournament, I’m sure he’s amenable to a split format MM. That way NOBODY can belly-ache about fucking button spacing, lag, or anything else.

And at least respond to the offers you got.

You have outstanding offers from myself (I run Wlv/Chrlie) and OneandOnly. Additionally you indirectly offered CB MMs in MVC2 and XSF.

ON TOP of that you take the Emu vs. Cab debate as a personal attack against the skill level of yourself or other players…

So if you feel so strongly about the skills you or others are bringing, may I suggest that you bring that ‘A’ game here, convince any others who want to test their mettle to do so as well, and show us how the GTA does.


what it is?

Kingpin out

Apparently YOU can’t read. I said I wasn’t even coming.

:party: :party: :party: yay tournament :party: :party: :party:

where’s marc? How come he hasn’t posted yet about how there’s no tekken.

cuz he knows Nevers myself and Alex all own him for free

MTl you planning on making an apperance?

Fred!!! revenge!

same with you Phoun!

Julien MM like always?

I would love too …we will see what fred says…he is the lift.

Might have to get some easy tear wife beaters for some Hulk Hogan meets Spell master J shit . Pay day loans = sacks of sticky icky to welcome Mtl and T.O. playas. Winners don’t do drugs.


If Mtl and TO players come down - I will help make this worthwhile.
I’m talking lot’s of herb, perfect set up for the consoles and I’ll even bring a comp to connect to the TV’s with a Mic so we can record the matches direct input with shit talking…