End of Summer Tournament - Ottawa, ON - 08/25/07

hype hype hype
this tournament is gonna be crazy.
Let’s get on this getting some (as close to) arcade perfect emulated XSF set up this week,
it’d be so sick to have as a failsafe.
Plus i think split format is sick (particularly for MMs).

and yes, comp + mics for shit-talk may be the greatest idea ever.

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I was hoping to have a really good spare comp to set it up on; but spending $1000 on my car kind of delayed that shit.
I’m going to experiment on the spare comps I currently have (not the greatest) hopefully this week.

If T.O. XvsSF is not going to come down for this - we should consider the cabinet. We can trust how it plays.
The point of the emu’s. at this time, was for the out of towners anyway. All of us play cab and obviously are turned off by the delay and other shit.
I will still put the effort into making the emulation work better than we’ve seen at MAT and T8; despite how fustrating it was trying to actually get the point across (and I can bet that at least *one *STILL doesn’t get it…I should know better than to waste time on emo).


Also, I also have a ps2 (keyboard not playstation) MAS Stick. It’s 6 years old and I need to replace the microswitches; but at the least, we can play one side with NO delay.

I myself am for running EMU as well, if for nothing else than casuals and MM.
assuming people come down that play EMU,
if we have a silkysmooth EMU setup, we can offer split-format on the MM.
That way nobody gets their panties all twisted about lagfighter or space-button.

Featuring the hit single “Fly combo (Random Typhoon OCVMix)”

Yea. Check the track “Thank you Grand Master J”.
1hit’s ode to the one who opened the doors for him.

i’ll be getting my 360 stick soon and it’s USB, if you can get access to the internet or burn a 360 drivers for Windows CD, that’ll bring it up to 2 sticks with no delay at all.

hopefully i can show up for this if someone can grab my shift at work or they reschedule my shit.

I gotta find us a soundtrack for the tournament. Y’all know Ottawa knows what hype is.

OH NO!!!

This is over!!!

I can go from Japanese to English back n forth wit my shittalking.

Kheim do you need n e thing in particular for this tournament?

My biggest worry is TVs.

I believe J still has his there. I’ll bring mine. I think I’ll get Julia to bring hers again. I’m not sure where I’m gonna get a fourth this time without Myles. At any rate, I know you bus, so I won’t ask you for a TV.

After TVs, I still have to worry about sticks/consoles. I have 2 DCs there, but I’m gonna have to ask everyone else with a ps2/stick to bring some piece of equipment.

In terms of things I know you can bring, bring your stick + converter. That will come in mad handy. If I need a PS2 from someone I’ll ask you when I figure out where my consoles are coming from.

Thanks for the offer.

Ill be there to take mvc2

JS 4/7 for 20$ in MVC2

smokey: merci pour donation :wgrin:

if i can find a way down, i’ll come.
i’ll sidebet jsmaster in cvs2 over any ottawa person. max 10 (per set per mm)
i’ll sidebet roger same deal.

/edit/ im not exactly sure who from TO is going. but if js is, i’ll put money on him in any of the big 3 games (max 10 per mm).come on people, whats good!

3s i’ll take any challengers (non toronto)
that is all for now.

  1. get the XSF crew down
  2. SB your money on them too so LMX and I can take all of that sweet sweet Palace-buying fundage :wink:

If I come to this, 10$ mm 3s? Best out of 3.

JS we didnt get to do it at T8 so well do it here.

mm 3s AND cvs2 2/3 $5? whats really good

dee, ehsan: accept

ranaku: we have unfinished 3s buznis. 3/5 for 10 if ur up for it.

ok so toronto crew thats going in quans car:

lets get this HYYYYYPE

MTL wat u guys saying?

Smokey i think u have to bring the WHOLE MARVEL CREW YO!!!

I’m enterin marvel and I’ll be high as FUCK so what’s the best nation?