Been playing on the Mad Catz SE with full Sanwa swap for 1-2 years and looking for an upgrade.
Been looking on ebay for deal but people be bidding too high past retail even on used…
Also been looking at the QA4RAF since its dual modded at $150 but I’m a bit iffy on the start button on top without any lock switch…
Mint condition preferred…

Thanks guys!

Hey Enoy, I have a Round 1 TE dual modded for $170 shipped. I can have the start/select buttons set to lock with the turbo panel switch. It’s in great condition. Let me know if you have any questions.


whats the chip? my plan was trying to get a mad catz te xbox less than 150$ and a toodles chimp smd since its auto detect. then I’m golden.

the start/select button was referring to a different stick, the qanba q4raf

I’ve got a Madcatz TE-S for the Xbox. I’ve modded it with custom artwork and plexiglass. Has 6 white Sanwa buttons and a white balltop. Looking for $125 plus shipping. Has original box, too.

thanks for looking! got a Qanba Q4RAF as a gift from my bro. happy mashings!