Enders outside GJ



most people apparently havent caught on to this but you can do a few enders for beefy dmg and meter gain outside GJ. so far ive learned 2 which are easy, launch kick anti air> cr.mp>mk srk and in the corner launcher antiair>forward fierce>lunge punch. now ive got a different ender which is beefier but a lil harder to pull off. when the opponent is cornered (only tested with chun and shoto) you have to be as far back as possible to connect the palm on the opponent(standing\crouching). at this specific distance you can then lp shoulder and then…well im wondering if i can fit a forward fierce in there before a lunge punch. its still to tight for me, especially in game, but i think this has some insane potential for dmg\about 70% meter build.


after seeing boss do some a long time ago i have always used mk launch, forward fierce, kara lunge as both a way to practice enders and giving yun and actually very high damage combo for being outside of GJ.
it must be kara against ken.

i don’t know about the palm -> lp shoulder thing but ill try to do it. although im no yun player so i’d only be able to tell you if it does work. a real yun player would have to definitively say if it doesn’t.


oh it works, im just not sure if i can fit the forward fierce in there or if it can only be palm>shoulder>lunge

edit. its all about distance with the initial palm and make no mistake, some critical zoning is required


my post was a bit unclear, i forgot to specify i was talking about fitting in the forward fierce into that combo. thats what i was talking about trying to test. i think any time you can actually hit the forward fierce the kara lunge will connect.
don’t quote me on that it might be wrong.


“Enders outside GJ” lol… just call those combos, enders is quite hyperbolic


…its the ender combo jackass, how the hell is that an exaggeration of any sort? so you wanted me to call the thread “combos”? cus yea… thats descriptive. i know im asking too much when i say please keep such useless posts outa my threads, but there it is none the less. im sorry but i have a tendency to go off when people belittle me…


…damn honkey


u do cl. standing mk right when gj ends, to a palm to jab shoulder to f+fierce to kara dash.

its called a KO ender, and right after this u get about 70% meter. then u do a dive kick, 123 shoulder, and ur meter is full even if they block


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just answering the question. some people dont know everything like you do


Palm, lp shoulder, lp lunge

The way I figured out how to set this up is to look at the distance between their shadows. That’s the exact distance I did the combo with.