Ending a bad friendship - Advice?


Hey all,

So, I haven’t been around these forums in awhile, so if I posted this in the wrong area could a mod please move it?


So, for the past couple years I’ve had this friend. It’s a difficult friendship. Sometimes there are moments when things are good, but more often than not, things are bad. This friend, in the past, has gotten me to do things I didn’t want to, spend money on things I didn’t really need, and outright insulted me on numerous occasions. I’ve been yelled at, belittled, and outraged. Last night things took a whole new turn.

About a year ago I got myself a girlfriend. This came after several years of being single and dealing with the psychological, emotional, and mental issues of being in an abusive relationship. During the course of the cool down period, this friend tried several times to set me up with friends or co-workers of his sister, but come on, we all know how that stuff typically works out. My girlfriend is a nurse and she works an early morning schedule at the hospital. She is up by 4 AM every day, so she tends to be in bed by 8 PM on her work days.

Last night, this friend called me. Eventually the conversation turned to my girlfriend and her family. You see, her father works for a welding company about a four hour drive from their home. This means he stays at the company house with other project leads during the week. I was asked, “Do you think her dad has a girlfriend down there?” I was stunned. When I asked why he would say that, he tells me, “Well dude, you know her dad is away during the week and only sees his wife and children on weekends. He could have something on the side.” I tried to play it off. Then he says this about my girl: “Do you think she’s really in bed right now, or is she talking with some other guy? You know it’s always the sweetest girls who do the worst things.”

If we had been in the same room, he would have gotten my fist in his face.

That didn’t happen (which is better, I suppose. Assault is a crime), so my question is this: How do I handle this? I want to avoid the angry route of telling this idiot to fuck off, but the final line was crossed last night and I am ending this friendship today. Any advice would be much appreciated.


Just stop seeing the person. You are not obligated to anyone. Cut him/her off completely.


If you have to make a thread asking if the friendship is worth it, it isn’t. Friends are the family you choose. Some people work out, others don’t. Time to ditch the one that is obviously flawed.


Don’t call her an idiot and tell her to fuck off in anger, that will just escalate the situation. Just be honest with her and tell her that it’s not working out. If her father is cheating on her mother, chances are that she might have those same tendencies. Better to cut ties early before you get too emotionally involved. It’s a good thing your friend pointed out these things to you. Man, good friends like that are hard to come by. Good luck dude!


Does this look like Dear Abby to you motherfucker.

I hope your friend is dicking your girlfriend down right now as your sitting here wait for the answer to your high school drama level question.


friends give each other shit all the time, especially over each other’s partners.you’re a bitch if you put up with it and dont say anything. after a year this girlfriend of yours must be really important to you but you can’t expect your friends to know just how much. it’s more likely that your friend is projecting some fears about infidelity coming from his own experiences.

also, this could’ve gone in the relationship thread


lol, shit people post on this board sometimes. How did the human race last this long?


You should play it safe.
Call the guy a douche, and then stop talking to him. He is probably a psychopathic and jealous. He will bring you down until there is nothing left.
But you should ALSO stalk your girlfriend at work and keep tabs on her at all times. I’ve seen far too many documentaries like Night Shift Nurses, Lesbian Ward and Doctor Shameless to not know how those types of jobs go.


Quick, clean, and mostly painless. Be up-front and blunt about it.

Do NOT drag things out.


You could just not talk to him and let him drift off in the horizon. Keep yourself busy and make your sexy nurse girlfriend happy. Don’t give him any room in your life. Fill the gaps he is currently occupying with family, work, and hobbies. By the way, he was never your friend.




I like the part were this guy FORCED this idiot to buy things “he didn’t really need”…

Wtf does that even mean lol.

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Most of the times, I would just say to talk it out, but in this case, dude, for your own sake and your loved ones sake, do yourself a favor:
-stop estabelicing contact with this guy;
-Erase his contact from every single cellphone and e-mail you have;
-And just tell him to fuck off. Be a man in your case. Seriously, this guy seems to not have respect for you, what do you care what he thinks? If he starts a fight, beat the crap outta him. If you win, great. If you lose, then that sucks, but you will never have to put with him again.

  • watever you do, don’t let this guy get to you!
    You can’t make greeks and trojans happy at the same time. Sometimes, you just have to face your problems.

Oh, and you should probably tell your girlfriend about this guy. Just in case.


I don’t know whats worse. This thread topic or the serious replies from people that don’t even go outside.

“Yeah man, he hurt your feelings man, you should cut him off like a bad limb!!”

The only real answer is if you feel a certain way little nigga than buck on that fool, and if you still friends after he beats your pussy ass then more power to you.


Aww shit I just semi answered this shit seriously didn’t I…


Yeah, my post wasn’t serious at all, though I guess it was disguised as one.


Lying mother fucker you were actually trying to improve his well being and you know it. 100 lashes for you!!!


I call it ‘starving the relationship’. act like you’re more and more busy. stop returning texts. lay low on social media. definitely don’t initiate any calls or texts with them. let calls go to voicemail, and just act like you’re busy with other stuff.

I did this with a drama king bro I head that had tears for something or other every week. got tired of dealing with it so he eventually got the message.


So by starving you mean you no longer supplemented your diet with your friends semen?


That’s some real ho shit right there.

Just tell the fucker you don’t wanna be friends anymore, simple as that.