Ending of Duc Jr vs Skisonic at ECC

For those of you who havent watched it you should. Duc Jr’s Commando gets killed and his sent comes in INVISIBLE. Yes fucking invisible, it is on preppy’s site.

ok… what the fuck

Hah this I gotta see. Link to Preppy’s site?

Oh shit, you’re right.

Can’t believe I missed that.

How the fuck did that happen?




“I got this on tape!”

It looks weird, but it looks like Sentinal didn’t even leave during the snap.
It goes, snap, then Commando is the only one on screen, instead of seeing Sent leave.


Yeah but then don’t you think Sent would have been hit by that combo that killed Commando?

I mean I think you’re right, because otherwise the combo hits would have doubled, right?


Wow, crazy shit.
Nice matches

No because Sent is technically invisible right?

He’s invisible, not invincible, right, or is it actually both?

Love how the opp just freaks out when Sent’s fist smacks him upside the head.

That’s good. Sent needed invisibility because he obviously wasn’t a powerful enough character to begin with…

SENTINAL FTW!!! :lovin:

after all these years we’re still able to break marvel

Lmao…so this makes Sentinel God Tier then? :rofl: :rofl: wow…what more glitches can we find after so many years down the road, Marvel never ceases to amaze me (in a good way), great vid btw.

S3nT1n3L 6.6.6


Hella old, but cool.

I was amazed more by that commando assist killing combo


Tell us what happened Potter :O!

When you double snap two characters(and only two are left) and you otg the assist and you kill it, the next character comes out at the most right of left part of the screen invisible. At this point, either characters can hit eachother or block, but the facts that the screen usually shifts hella fast or people are uncertain where they will show adds a element of surprise and usually a free combo. In this case, sentinel was advatagous of the situation, but its quite common especially with magneto teams and stuff where snaps are a common occurrence. That commando combo was pretty damn sick and innovative for a on-the-spot type shit.

Anyways, that’s why that happened.