Endless Viper Haters



I was playing endless because I wanted to have some fun and get out of my comfort zone without worry. I feel like there are things I don’t do in ranked matches because I’m just not ready, and I’m really proud to have broken through the 9999 number. I thought Endless would be a good way to seriously improve before taking on higher and higher ranked people (I’ve been beating 2000-2700 PP people consistently now).

Anyway, I played this scrub (who I could have beaten real easily) who beat me with Sagat, and then called me a “evo 2k11 tier whore” and said my Viper was bad. WTH? I wanted to face him again and beat him up, but I felt he wasn’t worth the trouble. I’ve never had such rudeness in ranked matches, but I’ve had people disconnect and even just curse me out when I use Viper in Endless battles. In ranked matches, I get “gg”, win or lose, and even some “You are good, but you’d be better with better execution,” but nothing flat-out rude.

What’s going on? Why is Viper considered a cheap, tier whore all of sudden? I thought she was well-represented, but not overpowered. I never have trouble beating other Viper players with Ryu (but I usually lose Viper vs. Viper, lol), so I don’t see what the issue with her is…


Neither do we, my friend. Neither do we…


one time someone called me a wolfkrone wanna be… but the thing is i * do * wanna have a viper as good as wolfkrone o_O
in any case, what these people don’t realize is that viper has been virtually unchanged since vanilla so just cause she represented well at evo does not make her top tier (even if she is)


ya i get this all the time. when i beat someone and beat them badly like perfect or stun them they curse me out saying im terrible and that im a pjs latif wannabe.it happens even more when i kick people because theyre to easy to beat they tell me im crap and that they were just getting warmed up which is obviously a lie. but dont let it get to you it happens to all players and characters people use. like yesterday i beat some guy with fei long by random select and he called me a fuudo scrub wannabe. then after i explained how his argument was trash, he started criticizing a minor grammatical error in my message because he knew he lost. point is, there is always going to be trolls


if only they tried to play viper…to know how hard it is to actually be good with a character like her, 99% of them would just stop with it



Yeah just ignore the haters guys. Just play the character that you like and you have fun with. Who cares if she happens to be at the top of a silly tier list. And plus people be salty these days yo.


The problem is there’s been a huge influx of Viper players online ever since Evo and people are only going to associate any Viper player as a tier whore or band wagoner. Unfortunately, a lot of these people only follow current trends and don’t know the pains the original Viper’s went through in refining the character. Gandido, Devil Jin, Kunai, Magus1234, Flash Metroid, Marn, Sanford Kelly and many more were the original NA Viper’s that did a lot of the leg work and they don’t get much recognition for it.


It’s kinda funny that Yun/Yang/Fei players are calling you a tier whore lol.

I’m not getting hate personally, since I usually play with people I know, and the people I play with know I’ve been using Viper since SF4.On another board, I help people out with the Viper MU. Then they hate a little less since they have a better idea of the MU. But ever since Evo, a lotta people have been calling for Viper nerfs.

And yeah, people do forget the players who broke down the character and discovered her real potential.


I’m fully expecting Viper nerfs in the rebalance the only thing is I don’t know what would be a fair nerf to Viper besides damage nerfs.
Regular Seismo’s won’t be touched there’s nothing that needs to be done with them. Not sure what to do with EX Seismo but I can understand if they did something with it. FTK is a 7 frame DP that is option selectable and highly punishable on block as well and less offensive then someone mashing on DP.


Like Joe?


Fuck man, I miss Joe… And FZ… Even Kaqn… Uryo in his prime…


Why do you even care? People make up all kinds of stupid excuses when they lose online because they think that there is some kind of “honorable” way to play. I know a guy who thinks that special moves in SFII are cheap, so he doesn’t use them. Anyway, people making excuses will most likely never change, and is just a part of modern fighting games today because people don’t know that they are supposed to know better … and when you try to educate them about it, they look at you like YOU’RE the crazy one.


Holy shit, the memories haha. Everyone looked up to his Viper and I was sad when I heard he’d quit. I remember Kaqn, FZ, Oni.A, and a whole buncha other random Japanese Vipers. Then I remember the Americans like Kensou, Deviljin and so on. These guys seem to have disappeared/stopped using Viper though(well, I know Deviljin’s not a big fan of SSF4 actually and he’s on the MVC3 X-23 boards helping everyone out.)

People mostly want damage and stun nerfs for Viper. Others want aerial BKs to be punishable on block lol. Others want Seismo weakened in strength and not to hit low and I remember some dude saying Viper should have a cool down on her Seismo feints so she could only do 2 in a row then she can’t do anymore feints after a few seconds LMAO. And of course, people want EX Seismo to be less invincible and her backdash nerfed because their char doesn’t have a good backdash and stupid shit like that.

I also noticed how Viper’s main bad MUs just aren’t getting used much anymore in favour of certain chars(Yun lol), which is probably giving Viper some leeway results-wise.


Viper is overpowered.
Her fireball game in unbeatable.
Her infinite is scrub-tastically easy to use.
Her HP is far too high.
It’s like fighting Zangief with more tools and faster walk speed!


I love when people ask for aerial bk to be punishable on block… As if it not possible to punishable outright w a jump fierce. Lol I get hate all the time. People hate viper so much, but they all hate her because no one knows how to stop pressing buttons. Sigh


Or how most of the cast can easily duck under the burn kicks with a normal and just rip into her afterwards, or GASP, focus attack them.

This is a perfect example of what someone who actually takes time to learn the matchup can do to even a great (arguably the best) Viper player.

Viper is a well balanced character, probably THE most balanced character in the game. Honestly Capcom should work toward bringing other characters up or down to her level as far as risk/reward goes.


[Edited] Im an idiot.:stuck_out_tongue:

You forgot to mention her godlike normals


So this is what happens to Viper when charge characters ‘die’. Interesting.


The only thing that needs to get nerfed is her t. knuckles stun. Its 200 now and I would understand if the would lower it to 150 or even 100. It does more stun than a seismo wich is almost impossible to land normally and more stun than…well pretty much almost all moves in the game. 200 stun should be reserved for the EX version only. Its kinda OP that she can land a cr. mK->t. knuckle and get 300 stun super safe while other characters dont even do that in a full combo. Thats ALL that I would change. She is really balanced for the most part.

Scrubs just dont seem to understand that Vipers pressure is NOT INFINITE. After 1 cross up Burn kick she has to resort to a seismo since her next burn kick will be punishable by the whole cast. Playing vs Viper actually means that you have to learn the match-up, at least defencively. Like Fei, Viper has 2 major weaknesses: Focussing and Neutral Jumping. That why I consider Fei to be balanced (except for the damage on his flame kick, EX does 200 damage? wtf). If you cant even Neutral jump from time to time then you deserve to lose.

Think about it, she didnt get any buffs so why is she so powerfull? Becuz all the other characters have been nerfed to death and now it looks like people want to drag her to hell with them. Would you rather have scrubliscious Ryu on the top or impossible-execution Viper on the top?