Endless vs. Ranked matches

which of the two would be better for learning and getting better at ssf4 ae 2012?

the reason I’m asking this is because when I was playing last night I was playing under certain rules:
The best way to teach yourself footsies is to commit to the following rules:

  1. Don’t jump for an entire match.
  2. Don’t dash for an entire match.
  3. Limit yourself to one Psychic DP attempt per match.

but when I ended up playing other people what would happen is just gimmicky bullshit. Yes, I am a new player I’ve only got like 100bp / 199 pp, but the people I would play wouldn’t play serious at all, all I saw out of people were taunts nothing more, yes I lost my fights, part of them due to execution problems I got a crumple I should have dash canceled into ultra.

/pretty much all I’m asking is which one would be better to play for someone trying to learn and get better without dealing with so much bullshit, because taunting during a match is super disrespectful.

Ranked people actually try harder to keep their points.

Endless is were people go to learn new characters or are afraid of losing points in ranked because they don’t think they could get that much again. I know someone that does endless all the time that is just over 4000 and has not touched ranked in several months because he’s afraid of falling below that.

Another friend of mine goes between 2200-4400 (right now he’s 3800) all the time so don’t be discouraged about losing points and play ranked.

Try not to take the points too serious it’s not really measuring skill it just says they got them somehow either by picking their battles, boosting, beating a bunch of people in the 1500 range etc…

The reality is people say points don’t mean anything but if you play ranked those players really do not want to lose them.

I don’t really care much about the points, it just that I just want to have some good matches and half the people if not 90% just end up playing bull shitty, I’m still trying to learn what to do verse other characters, but when I see people taunting it’s kinda like wtf, seriously play the match yeah I’m losing but your not willing to play?

the whole point thing whether you care about them are not they are still there and people will judge others by said points.

The point is, footsies aren’t for beginners. When you can score easy damage with BS random things, just do it. That’s obviously the way to go if you meant to win your rounds. So expect people to do it that way till you show them BS don’t work, then footsies will be the primary tool to find an opening.

Next there is : expect to lose a lot as a beginner. A hell of a lot. And winning the match should not be at all in your plans if you mean to learn your fundamentals as you seem to. All you need to focus on is not “giving” the opponent free damage. Don’t screw up. That’s your goal. You will lose to your poor reactions and random shit from this guy, but at least you don’t give him the win by doing stupid shit yourself.

And finaly, prepare to get mad often and salty enough to want to make a thread of it on SRK… Because even knowing all this, you just like everyone. You want those points.

I don’t know if this is just my bad luck but I’ve noticed that people have a very short fuse when it comes to endless matches.

Lose a few games and you get kicked out. Get a lucky win by doing a “fraudulent” ultra and you will get the kick. Change your character and you will get the boot etc. Here’s one example, I was playing with this somewhat highly ranked Ibuki player (Futura/Future…something) and he would kick me the hell out for chaning my character and winning few matches in a row.

I personally remove people from my lobby only if the connection is poor or they are very new to the game. Even then I will usually give them a few matches and send them suggestions on how to improve this and that.

Ranked matches : I started to play these properly for the first time yesterday (I’ve been around since vanilla lol) and I’m loving it so far. People have all kinds of weird tactics and they are ready for a rematch as well. You have to adapt quickly and those highly ranked players usually go straight into their main character.

Endless isn’t all negative though. I’ve made a lot of online buddies from those matches and it’s more casual. I don’t know how well you will learn all the different match ups. Depends on the player of course, you might learn more from one ranked match than ten endless matches and vice versa.

oh, I know losing very well, I play a fair amount of people around the area that I live in, most of the the players here are fairly strong. I want to win but my main goal is to play better, build up better habits rather than gain bad habits from dealing with online bs.

footsies really is the main weapon for the character I play though. “fei long player here”

yeah, ranting isn’t that good but it’s just so frustrating when you are trying to learn but you don’t want to deal with just dp spamming and just over all lame stuff that doesn’t help someone trying to get better.

There is a psychological aspect to points, no matter their relevance to skill, no one likes to see points fall down. Just seeing the numbers drop, for some reason is discouraging. Seeing them rise is fulfilling.

To answer your question, it is easier to learn in endless. The reason being, you will probably be more flexible and willing to try out stuff you would be afraid to attempt in ranked matches. In ranked…with the points, winning becomes the top priority not learning. You’ll also find that most people in endless are at least trying to learn and play their characters rather than random mashing, etc.

I don’t really understand how these two are separated from one another.

In my experience most people in endless just switch between different characters and play casually. Sometimes I play with a “highly ranked” player and he loses a bunch of matches with his 4500pp points, switches to his/her main character, plays one game properly and then its back to switching, trolling and what not. Again, maybe it’s just my luck but I’ve had a lot of fun in my first ranked matches. I don’t care about the points but I’m seeing a lot of different people in quick succession with all sorts of different styles.

It is true there is more switching, cause it is more casual. However I assume you are already in the 4000PP or so range, so in ranked you are playing all serious players. I had a lot of fun in my first ranked matches too, and the different styles and all. However if the TC is getting frustrated and mainly trying to learn, I think he/she would have more fun and learn more in endless.

First off, let’s get the default “online is bullshit and points are worthless” statement out of the way.

Ranked has one glaring positive that Endless doesn’t: it tests your ability to adapt quickly. In Ranked you, on paper at least, get one shot at a player and then he/she is gone. You have that one game to outplay them and their potentially wonky bullshit. You still wind up with some regular players if you play long enough, but you will always get some stranger playing in a way that may not fit perfectly into your style of play…and you have 2 out of 3 rounds to figure that play style out. That’s even more brutal than a tournament setting, where you at least have best 2 out of 3 games to figure the person out. Bitches in this mode will quit before the match ends while they were navigating to send you a PM on why you lucked out.

Endless was where I saw a lot more solid play from the online community. If you play against people around your skill level more than a handful of times (not points level, but legit skill level), they should eventually adapt to you, which forces you to adapt to them, which forces them to adapt to you, etc, etc, etc. Being able to adapt and adjust strategy, IMO, is the end game of learning systems/match ups/footsies/random wankery. It also takes experience, which hey!, that’s what Endless provides. Bitches in this mode will stick around and work a room of players all day long, but will leave the second someone wanders in and squashes their ego. The absolute worst of the two IMO (see P.S.). Also likes sending PM’s on why you are an inferior player, forgets that no one asked.

Shorter version? Endless = panel beating your ability to adapt your strategies. Ranked = Let’s see if you can genuinely adapt with those strategies quickly. They are both lag prone so fuck playing online, so it is preferable to find a crew to play with offline in your area.

P.S. Losing consistently while trying to learn “why” is okay. Being honest about your skill level, that you don’t have to win every game, beat every person and that you don’t know everything about a game will keep you mentally sane (just as long as you don’t take it to the point of having a defeatist attitude). Losing consistently and making excuses, however, isn’t okay. Everyone gets salty and starts blaming their stick/lag/the character/etc. In the end you have to take a deep breath, be truly honest about why you may have really lost instead of sparing your ego and move onto the next game. No one has a perfect win record. Perfect loss record on the other hand…

2 cents. Spend them on something nice.

Maybe FuturaLab (Ibuki player from Netherlands). That kids got some growing up to do. He told me not to runaway with Dhalsim.

But I tend to play anyone as long as they give GGs and have a good connection. I only ever kick for bad connection.

On topic: I voted Endless its all I play and allows me to worry less about points and try new characters and strategy. Yeah people may not play as hard as they would in Ranked but you can have more fun.

Too me the game is about having fun, if it stops being fun for me then its time to stop playing.

You will learn more in endless, but ranked can be useful in exposing yourself to gimmicks.

Having 4,000+ PP does not get you better players in ranked unless you always look for more skilled. You can do that, and you can also expect to find much less people to play you. Making games opens yourself to everyone in your region who wants to play a ranked game and same skill usually doesn’t work like it should.
Finding people of all skills is good anyway. You can brag about beating x but if you can’t beat everyone else consistently, who cares?

I’ve been playing for a year and a half and only this last week did I start playing endless and I wonder what took me so long. I learn a LOT more from endless matches, they happen in rapid succession and against the same person, which allows you to experiment with different ways of dealing with the same tools.

But bro, I don’t wanna poop in your cereal or nothing, but as a Dan player, if I don’t taunt it’s as if I hadn’t played at all.

Taunting is part of the game. Take it with a smile. Laugh at yourself. I sure as hell do, I main Dan!

As mentioned, ranked forces quick adaptation. Thing is, I don’t think it’s a good ‘learning method,’ I think it’s a good method to test your adaptability once you’ve acquired the necessary tools.

The necessary tools being matchup knowledge such as reacting to improperly spaced dash punches, appropriate OS choice, etc. These are things you drill in endless, because even if you may know one or two of these, you need to have it ingrained. If you haven’t drilled it in, when you see X whiff/unsafe move in your 35th ranked match in round 2 that one time, you’ll stare at it, then he’ll recover, and you’ll think “fuck, I could’ve punished that.”

And it’s for that reason I think endless is better in your case. Once you have the various setups down and you know how to deal with your opponent’s potential responses, you can start testing your ability to apply this knowledge you’ve acquired in adapting to your opponent. I.e. someone plays reckless, you switch to safer setups and let them self-destruct if they allow it. If not, you mix it up again. But to do this, and be able to adapt like this, you first need the tools available to you.

Ranked for just playing, working on adapting, occasionally play someone high level.

Endless for working on some tech, finding/playing high skill players as they tend to make endless lobbies than play ranked.

really good responses guys.

really helpful for a guy like me trying to find his skills again

Nobody gives a damn about taunting I punish that shit from fullscreen with Seth standing fierce.

Ranked was good when everybody was learning the game.
now it’s pretty much : A meets B, A is stronger, A wins and learns nothing, B loses and learns nothing.

when SF5 hits, i’ll sure as hell run Ranked again.

a combination
most people in ranked braindead autopilot, mash dp or try to use all of their gimmicks in 2 rounds
you gotta know how to play against that

why would the person that loses learn nothing?
he can think and see why he lost