Enemies of the State: Matchups thread



Obviously I don’t have much to post at this point. Game is hardly out. Just bring up a matchup you struggle with and we’ll discuss what options you have. Matchups won’t be nearly as bad in this game as Cap is way more buff and has more mobility… But there will still be some tough ones!


More hypothetical than anything else. Does Steve still struggle against Trish/floaty-flyers?


Not as much. But still not great i don’t think.- haven’t played enough yet!


Ghost Rider + Sentinel seems extremely hard. No way to approach, shield slash is beaten outright. Cartwheel is useless, charging star is useless. Vital to take damage by just wading in to even attempt to score any kind of hit. Probably would recommend avoiding this matchup if you like captain on point like me, after playing it a few times I just swapped captain to the back for Taskmaster on point and the matchup was infinitely easier.


Ghost Rider without Sent assist doesn’t seem that hard of a matchup to me. Shield slash + beam or drones assist can help you get in, and once you get in, he is not going to stop you. Cartwheel can also go through an uncovered j.S and punish him for it.

With Sent assist, it’s annoying though. You just have to play really safe. You could try to get a quick ABC into snapping him in, and the robot isn’t very hard for the Captain.


You can hyper charging star GR + Sent on reaction and then X-factor, OTG shield slash xxx Hyper Charging Star to kill Sentinel.


You can’t go through ghost riders chains, they’re physical attacks, if anythign you’ll have to use S&S or HS&S, for its invincible startup.


HCS is so fast that you can react to the chain though… am I right or not? I could of swore I did it before :confused:


Sounds like a high-risk reward gimmick than anything else


Thinkin the same thing


Anyone have any idea how Clint handles Ghost Rider? I know Tony has a problem getting in and trading with him due to Johnny’s awkward angle on hitting you. Maybe the best best is to just switch Steve out for someone better suited to handle that. There’s no way cap has many options for someone who zones with physical attacks. Let’s face some matchups will remain against Steve really, unless some crazy tech gets discovered.


I’ve been really crunching the GhostRider Matchup with FChamp, it’s getting easier as I go, but it’s hard. If you’re diligent, keeping his assist out of the fight (preferably with something like a good vertical coverage assist or a beam or arrows assist) can allow you to access a single flaw in GR’s zoning. If you know for a fact he has no assist, and you’ve been patient enough he can’t outright launcher you, you can jM shield slash and it hits an angle that goes over the fire pillar (Which is another thing that makes this matchup difficult, although if Ghost Rider ever gets too comfy with mashing on it blow it up with Charging Star) while also jumping over most of his standard normals. If he has to block as it comes back you did it right, because then you’re in.

I can only ever get to this moment after about 20 seconds of super jumping, waiting, blocking, taking a few very small hits, waiting, waiting, blocking, super jumping, waiting, jumping forward, waiting, then finally trying to take my opportunity.

If you’re going to play Captain on point, you have to learn how to be absolutely stoic in this matchup. It’s SLOW if you do it right.

Important notes:
-FirePillar beats absolutely every approach and every normal and every special EXCEPT ChargingStar. Which is fine, make sure to call it out if he’s too predictable. Most GR will use it as a super safe anti air, if they know what’s best for them; that’s when you jM shield slash as mentioned

-ChargingStar for anything other than calling out pillar is weak, but somewhat viable with really good timing. Just be careful, if you have a good mix up DHC like Vergil it’s better, but recognize most often you’re going to spend meter to get counterhit if you try the classic CS > HCS

-If you can wade in, if he lets you block and land point blank, consider instant reversal cartwheel or instant reversal HSS as you land, because making GR whiff is key, and Captain can do it. I’d HIGHLY recommend reversal HSS as you land near him, because then you’re guaranteed in after DHC. Completely worth the meter, GhostRider SUCKS point blank.


Once you have enough meter and a good dhc you can cartwheel on reaction to the jumping chain - cancel into hyper stars and stripes (or hyper charging star depending on where you end up) and dhc for the kill.

If its their last character you can do the same and x factor cancel either after the cartwheel (if you’re far enough) or x factor cancel after a hit or two of hyper stars and stripes to combo into a kill.

Just another tool on reaction to certain moves he has. Big duration on most of his moves.


So about the guy with the shades (Wesker).

Lately I’ve just been throwing shields but I noticed that he can teleport when he thinks I doing it and then BAM!!! Free combo.

How should I approach this match-up? Was I doing it fine?

Also Charging Star is fucking crazy.


dont just throw your shield all willynilly in that matchup, but throw it enough to the point where he’ll TRY to teleport in. I like to do a little bit of jump call hulk gamma charge assist l shield slash sometimes so if he teleports in he gets caught by that armored assist, but sometimes just jumping down h.

jumping down h is the matchup against many characters, wesker is DEFINITELY one of them.

but just realize that he isn’t really that strong if he’s chilling out there shooting at you with his gun as well… it should be a match fought in faces - just dont let him set the pace.

you dont really have to play that midscreen keepaway if you don’t want against wesker as it actually isn’t that great barring little gimmicks like my hulk assist trick… just call a beam and just go get in there LOL


This. Honestly this matchup hasn’t really changed, except that you have much more tools to win; double jump (to make it hard to catch you with :s: while on defense), invincible startup on cartwheel (to make it easier to open him up on the offensive with assists).


What the hell do I do against Mags? Anytime I try to cut him with my shield, he jumps and hits me with lots of H’s.


It means you’re too willing to throw shield slash at uncomfortable ranges. If he’s close enough to nab you with H’s, you either aren’t controlling space well enough, aren’t comfortable with your reads concerning where he WILL be, or are winning enough of the exchanges to where it’s still worth it, in terms of risk/reward for throwing the shield slash.

Just don’t forget to poke with jH and j2H, or even jM often. Air to air jM and jH do confirm to full combo with proper double jump and SS, so practice up!


i like this guy hahaha 1000dollasocks tells it like it is


That’s why I wasn’t afraid to say your Bowser was overrated at NWM :slight_smile: