Enemies of the State: Matchups thread



I run Taskmaster Arrows and Skrull Stone Smite for my Cap so I do really have to just wait for him to come down with those assists then.

Naw lol, I’m from Buffalo, New York it would have been sweet though to go to SCR. The MODOK I have uses Trish Peekaboo and Nova Centurion Rush assists and man is it frustrating but I’d be willing to learn Doom and Vergil if it helps me with this match-up


actually i have a video from a local tournament:


I lose, but you can see what I’m doing to keep modok in check. We were both all tourny nerved out so lot of mistakes on both ends (bad x-factors, doom foot dive spam, and the modok dropping combos he never drops). Ignore my doom and vergil though, I was still getting used to them as characters.

Start at 1:54:00


Eh in the vid SS is doing fine. Everytime modok blocks it, he has to fall back down. There’s a myriad of way’s to combine that with an assist to help keep him down there once he’s down. If you had sentinal assist you could trap him after a block for instance. Missiles is just one of the more direct approaches.


I hope Jint won’t mind- I just saw his response on how to deal with Morrigan which was really good and I’ll post it here:


Apologies if this has already been said, but apparently Hyper Charging Star is not immune to 7 Rings of Raggador. I had Dorm on point and thought I was going to win a match by baiting out a 7 rings with Chaotic Flame then DHC into Captain to finish Strange off and nope. Tested in training mode and it definitely beats HCS. :frowning:


Just out of curiosity, does Cap get outright beat by 7 rings or does he recover before it ends making him get punished? The reason being is because if 7 rings is activated (meaning it fires the beam) Dr. Strange is COMPLETELY invincible, from the startup, active, and even all the recovery frames.


He gets hit by it before he gets anywhere near Dr. Strange. I guess it being completely invincible was their rationale by making it beat HCS.


What do i do against Super Skrull?


Snap him in first and foremost.

Try not to be still or predictable against him, because of his command grabs. If you can go training, and see where his light, medium and hard teleports land him and work on blocking against these.

Cap has better normals than him so try to get in on him with your assists (if your assists don’t help you do so you’ll need better ones).

And try not to let him get to X factor level 3. If he does try and last as long as you can, and preserve your x factor for your last character.


Thanks man. i’ll use this against my bro


So yeah. . . .the zero matchup


@Ken, with Vergil Rapid Slash or some other assist that will make charging star safe, it turns the tide in the Zero matchup. Charging star goes through EVERYTHING Zero wants to do and with the right assist you can just derp through. Though most the time he is in the air and you can’t do much. You still have the best neutral game with Cap I’ve seen yet. Keep grinding it out man.


What do people think are Captain America’s toughest match ups?

Zero, MorriDoom and Firebrand seem unwinnable.


I find that Cap’s tough match ups are players who play very aggressively(If I call my assist at the wrong time, my assists ends up taking damage.) or have amazing defense(able to tech all throws etc).

Repulsor Blast is a great assist that can destroy hidden missiles if timed correctly. Shield Slash can nullify or destroy soul fist, so you don’t even need to use Charging Star.


For what ever reason my posts are not showing my paragraphing so I’ll try and post here and see what happens

Shield slash can deal with one soulfist; Morrigan can have four on screen, at any one time- two in front and a couple from behind. The problem with repulsor blast is that [1] you have to play Iron Man [2] unibeam is a better assist for Cap. Unless you are playing also plasma beam you are playing Cap at a huge deficit with this.

I’m also trying to distinguish between characters and the players. You could win a (bad) match up, but lose it against a better player.


The only unwinnable matchups feel like characters that can constantly run away while zoning or out poking you safely. Mag, Trish, Zero, Modok, Dorm, Morrigan, Storm are his worst matchups and I honestly have no answer for them if they play smart and choose to not engage me. After them: Task, Hawkeye, Strange, Doom, Wolverine, Hulk are tough but winnable.

I have since left Cap as my fun team character for my current vergil point team simply because that first listing of characters has really made it hard for him to be a competitive choice. Cap/Vergil is awesome, but I’m realizing they can completely invalidate the benefits because you can never catch them to start the pressure with his poor movement and over reliance on very very long recovery movement specials. I’m still questing for the perfect Cap team, but I simply cannot find a solution for the runaway game of these characters. I’ve experimented with a lot of the cast and it’s really hard to cover all his weaknesses and still have a threatening neutral once the advantage is handed to you. If you’re gaining answers to establish control, you’re often limited to what you can convert into a full combo.

I think it’s pretty much required Cap needs one of these assists: Shuma, Strider (and even this is debatable with the ability for them to punish and dodge), Dante (Jam), RR (log), Doom (missiles). These are the only assists he can really use to have a shot at trapping or punishing them in the air. Your other solution is simply having a counter pick on your team or a punish DHC like Strange or Storm (dear god i wish whirlwind was useful with Cap charging star).


Ha. I agree. The only people I really struggle with in my state run Zero/Dorm/Task and Mags/Doom/Hawkeye (and Nova). I actually really dislike the Nova matchup even though Cap doesn’t do too bad against him in theory. It’s just frustrating to get stray hits that I can’t convert off of while Nova gets a full combo off of almost every move that he has.

I’m not a huge fan of Shuma with Cap. Cap/X/Shuma was my first sub team and Mystic Ray is really only an annoyance. Hitstun/Blockstun is too minimal to set up much IMO. Cap/Strider should be a good pairing but you have to keep Strider safe during calls. Jam is good for the anti-air but damage scaling means it’s hard to get damage off of your combos. Log is okay, but has a lot of blind spots. Missiles is probably his best bet.

I’m curious how a Cap/Doom (Missiles)/Strider team would work. It doesn’t control the horizontal very well, but most characters are primarily vertical or horizontal, so you could always switch to beam/rocks on a case by case basis.


If you do Cap/Doom(missiles) I would say you want a horizontal assist on the ground still. Dante (ws), Mag (em), Task (h arrow), maybe Strange (bolts) are your best bets. I like Doom/Strider, but too many gaps with the Cap team sadly.

I’m totally fine with the Nova match, I feel they’re 5-5 and it comes down to skill and reads. The assists can drastically influence things however.


Hmmm, I found out that against Magneto, you can actually punish the blocked disruptor if you chicken guard, but it is extremely difficult in a actual match. You can also whiff punish it with air L shield slash during recovery, sometime the 2nd hit won’t connect if you are little bit too far.


I think I found one solution for Cap. Sorry for double post

Against Morrigan or Zero. You can put Spider Man second. If you have 2 bars, you can DHC into Ultimate Web Throw to catch Morrigan(air soul fist > fly > unfly) or Zero(Lighting > Buster) if he or she is close and low enough. Also Ultimate Web Throw is invincible from frames 1-20. It should work because even if they can block, they will get hit by the Ultimate Web Throw.