Engineer PA-09 or PA-20 Crimping Tool to crimp JST PH connectors for Turbo/Guide Ribbon Cables?


Hi all. I think the ribbon connectors connecting the ribbon cables from the main PCB to the Turbo/Guide panel on my Round 1 TE Fightstick are damaged so I’d like to snip off the connectors that plug into the Turbo/Guide panel and crimp on a set of new JST PH connectors. I have found the JST PH connectors in HK so its not a problem finding them and the crimping tools but I don’t know which crimping tool to get so can anyone recommend the correct crimping tool for the job? Thanks.

PA-09 Crimping Tool:

PA-20 Crimping Tool:

JST PH Connectors:


Please stop making new threads for every question you have. most of them can be asked in the Newbie thread or have already been answered there. We appreciate your enthusiasm for our hobby but please, clogging the forum with little questions is not the way to go.


Sorry Jamin. I will keep my questions in the newbie thread.