English guide SamShodown: Tenka?

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

I just got through playing Samurai Shodown Tenka for the PS2 with a couple friends for the first time. Awesome awesome game!! The grand finally of SS :slight_smile:

I was wondering if there is a way to change the menus and icons to English? If not, does anyone know of a site I can go to that has an English guide, with translated pics for the different symbols and icons, specifically for the bust/slash icons? I can’t figure out what any of this stuff means.

Someone mentioned in another forum that you can pull off CD “dial-a-combos” ala SS IV? How do you get into that mode?

Plus, there appears to no longer be the little move list under your rage gauge from previous SS games. Is there an option to put them back there? How do I figure out how to do a power move?

it’s called,


thank you

PM me…

Or email me all your questions and I will answer them all for you Option #3…

I will save you the hassle of going through** that site **and gamefaqs.com…

Tenka is a different animal my friend…if you visit “that site” you will see why I am saying to PM me…:rofl:

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Also don’t forget how most of your “strats” are just from old FAQs from DJ Tigresa or by other people, way to go dude, you’re on your way now!

Don’t bring your beef with GC to SRK. From what I understand you were de-modded then AA’ed for pretty good reason.


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blows off some steam.

So guys any news on Tenka Special?:lovin:

tenka special? why? for bug fixing?

Well fix the bugs…add Shiki and Asura…add more levels (nostalgic)…

-More music (nostalgic)…
-Touch up the sprites…don’t redraw them…that would take too long and goes into another thread already closed down by SK. :rofl:
-Make a clear distinct difference between Red. Nak and Purple Nak.

That type of stuff…

Make the EX Characters default…so I can pull out EX Yoshitora…(though EX Yunfei would be broken as hell!!!)

Ya know… on the topic of SS. I always wanted to do battle with Gandara in full glorious 2D. Why oh why didn’t he make it into any of the cross overs as a boss? He made a quick appearance in SvC: Chaos, but that was about as close as it comes (NeoGeo Pocket version excluded of course).

Quick question:

What color is each mode?? I know you can do SS1-6, but when you choose your mode, I’m not sure which color represent which version. I figured they’d be in numerical order as you keep turning to the right, but since it’s a Japanese game and they read everything backwards, my thinking may be incorrect.

polarity…always funny

It starts on 6, and going to the right it starts back in order from 1.

1 = orange
2 = yellow
3 = red
4 = green
5 = blue
6 = gold