English/Japanese dubs in video games

So, when you play a game such as Street Fighter 4, do you set japanese dubs, or just leave it in english?
I was born with those, so in my opinion the first thing to do when i buy those games is to set japanese dubs on, for me English dubs are really unhearable.

First things first.
Rolento’s English voice in SFxT is SS+ tier. Don’t ever forget it.

Second, I always regret having voices on Japanese, at least when I’m playing arcade mode, because that’s when character specific dialogue is triggered (rival battles). I feel like i’m missing something badass that so and so is saying. Besides that, I don’t really mind which voice is set. However, I do like changing voices based on the nationality of each character. Ryu = Japanese, Ken = English, Chun-li = English regardless because AMURIKA, etc.

i usually prefer to have all my games and for that matters watch everything, movies series, etc on their original languange
dubs always suck no matter what you tell me, they always fucking suck

It really depends how i feel about those voices.
Normally i tend to put them in Japanese, but i’m completely okay with for example, English Zangief

Unless the English language is not your first language…I find that humorous.
What happens when a vidoegame doesn’t have japanese voice options…do you basically go deaf?

in my case for example i didnt played p3 or p4 until i got a hacked game with the japanese voices
the dub on those games was beyond atrocious
catherine was ok, so its one of the very few exceptions, like the mg series or the zoe series

I like the way 3S did it.

I like how Tekken has everyone speaking in their native tongues.

I mostly like Japanese voice tracks because it’s gibberish to me (or used to be anyway… it still sounds alien even though I understand some of it). If the game is in full English, it’s easier to judge how terrible the VA is. The PSVita game Gravity Daze has the right idea by using a fake language for the VA. And Rayman Origins has that pig-latin thing.

The only issue with ENG VAs is that they don’t carry the impact that the JPN VAs have and they don’t sound natural. The second issue is that when you hear what the character who normally is speaking Japanese, say it in English it’s cringe worthy. Play SFxT and pick Akuma. Put him in ENG and hear him say: “Die horribly.”

Horrible HORRIBLE dialogue which is made ten times worse with the cliche 80s villain ENG VA. What the JPN VAs fly because you don’t know what they’re saying but some of these lines are terrible and should never been heard in English.

tell me about it
like akuma saying that from his fists the death bleed or some shit like that
he could easy say my words have no meaning lol

Personnaly I go with the Japanese dub unless it’s a situation where a character was voiced in english first and you can set them individually (Think the Resi and Marvel characters in MvC) because I am ocd about staying close to the origional in most media.

Well that and cheesy as **** lines are easier to not cringe at when you (or more likely the people around you) can’t understand them.

Only if it’s anything good like BB’s english dub. If it’s anything monotone like KoF: Maximum Impact, then I won’t like it.

Akuma should just not talk at all. Other than “SHOUSHH!”

I try to only have American/European characters in English. Sometimes ENG va’s for characters sound good but it’s rare.

Guess i am the exception, i like english dubs :slight_smile:

I like English dubs too. I feel some of the characters sound better in English. Like CSword said, Rolento English voice is S tier. I play Blazblue with the English voices because I like Tager’s ENG voice.

He’s also the voice of Heihachi in SFxT, which freakin’ rules.

But yeah, all and all I like most dubs. I mean, when you hear actual HORRIBLE dubs like Megaman 8, Baten Kaitos: EWatLO or Megaman X4, you begin to see the dubs of today are not bad at all.

The debate is never ending, though. I kinda wish they’d go back to the Third Strike way of doing it, or maybe even Tekken. That way nobody would complain. (Or would we…?)

I normally just put characters in the one they’re closest to. Asian characters sound better in Japanese and Western ones sound better in English to me. In my perfect world everything would be done Tekken’s style, and I hope TxSF does this.

As long as a video game DVD both includes English and Japanese voice acting I’m cool with that.

For SF and fighting games in general I use English. Why? Because not that many characters are from Japan and it’s a lot easier to swallow that everyone speaks English than to believe everyone speaks Japanese. Not to mention if it’s Japanese accents are thrown out the window.

In some cases, sure. In others (Wesker), the English voice sounds a lot more natural.

Really, it comes down to personal preference. I loathe El Fuerte’s English voice, but love his Japanese voice, even though I usually prefer English.