English/Japanese dubs in video games

Really? I personally think BB’s English dub is attrocious.
I mean, seriously, is that really supposed to be an English accent Rachel has?
And why has Ragnas cool dignified voice been replaced with that of a WWE rassler?

Really? I think Jouji Nakata did a fine job as Wesker. DC Douglas was certainly better, but I wouldn’t say ‘a lot’.

Here’s my flowchart for this issue when you have options (like MvC3, SFxTK):

Character Native Japanese? (i.e. Ryu)
Yes: Japanese
No: (Next)

Is character non native English speaker (i.e. Chun-Li, Gief)
Yes: Japanese
No: (Next)

Is character native-English but originally voiced in Japanese? (i.e. Ken, Boxer, Claw)
Yes: Japanese
No: (Next)

Is character Native-English speaker but says stupid things like “Flying Dragon Kick of the Zodiac!” in the middle of a round?
Yes: Japanese
No: (Next)

Is the character British?
Yes: English
No: Japanese

So basically, Cammy, Steve Fox, Dudley and (maybe) the Resident Evil cast are the only characters you should have in English. Everything else put to Japanese and save your ears from awful voice acting.

For games that are either ALL Japanese/English (i.e. Soul Calibur), default to Japanese… always… I don’t care how much you play with Ezio/Vader/Yoda… the price isn’t worth it.

Well it really depends on the game. Most games, I will leave the game in english, because I’d rather hear what the characters have to say. If I have the option to pick what langugae is spoken character by character, I split by nationality (or by which voice is less annoying).

In rare cases, I will throw the switch to all japanese (specifically in Soul Calibur 5. Because If I have to hear Lexia say “Justice will prevail” one more time, I swear to god…)

while an honest discussion. its still seem like battle of preference that should be avoided …sigh .

I for one usualy always prefer dubs. I can’t stand how most female characters sound alike in japanese dubs or for that matter popular VA being used over and over again. ( this problem universally in any dub). My next pet peeve is that I prefer to hear the language I know. (yes I can read) But doesnt mean I prefer in setting where Im suppose to be viewing and hearing more.

Oh… wow… may wanna edit this out of your post (sounds incredibly racist).

That being said, yes, it’s a battle of preference, however I am much more scrutinizing of English voice actors than Japanese. Sometimes the buffer of not understanding the language as well helps give a little leeway for the performance aspect. However, I find that Japan tends to treat their voice acting with a little more significance (and pride) than the U.S. (read: Canada) so 9 times out of 10, you’re going to get a better quality performance from a Japanese voice actor.

I’ll be100% willing to do so if can explain to how my post is racis. From my perspective my post does’nt seem different from the vice verse which is openly posted as well.

I’m having hard time following, are you telling me that in the VA industry? Japanese VA are treated…better? If so than i can;t say agree. but this is matter of which genre of VA industry were talking about. The like such as Jap anime and international games ported to america than I would agree, but those genre are niche. I doubt a product of Niche genre can provide the best quality VA can offer.

I suppose that this thread would be perfect for polling opinions on CvS2 voice acting. “Misshon Comprete”

Chris Redfield JP voice in MVC3 is criminal

It’s funny how some people here think English dubs have no impact, because Japanese dubs of English language anything are hilaaaaarious. They all practically share the same voice actors and actresses, and they all feel as soulless as the black girl’s acting in Commando(which is another popular jp-dubbed movie).

Actually, listening back on him, Nakata’s only really forced on the yells. Everything else, he sounds pretty good; he just lacks the distinctiveness of Douglas’s performance.

Claw is Spanish; he is not a native English speaker.

Also, I have no idea how anyone could prefer Japanese voice for Sagat. He sounds like he’s a yawning old man.