English SSF4 PSN players

Sorry if there is a thread like this already.

But i play a fair bit on PSN and would just like to get to know some english players a bit more. You know, have a few games and get better at the game.

Also I know nothing about the English scene and if there is ever any tournaments I’d love to attend…to spectate that is…because I suck pretty bad at the minute!

If any of you fancy adding me then my tags on the left.



yep i’m up for some games… want to practice my sakura :]

add me: scandalouz

cool, i’ll add you tonight then.
if you see me online drop me an invite and we’ll have a few games.

go to a forum called neoempire mate…it is u.k a forum for fighting games and there are many psn players who would be happy to play with you .

Check the SFCCL members database page for some England players:

Member Database - SFCCL.weebly.com

Thanks guys

Hey add me aswel! My PSN is fatratbag. I wanna see how other people play. Im on almost everyday.

will do man,

i’m on most days…usually between 6pm and 8pm

hey guys im looking for more ssf4 friends who play a lot just add my the name is Kio_Wa_OkiByou just say your from shoryuken.com for i know

Yo, my PSN is RoseSP, add me and send me an invite if you wanna play some matches :slight_smile:


Cody and Ryu are the two i use most often. Hit me up for some matches. That goes for everybody in this thread too.

Can all you guys add me too? My PSN is fatratbag. I would add you lot but im kinda busy right about now. Just let me know that your from SRK. Im on almost everyday day.

Hey sup? Some cool games the other night! You’ve got a strong bision. If your ever looking for some games, just invite me.

yes mate, i see you on quite a bit now, i’ll definitly drop you a mail for some more games some time.
although, you did hammer me!ha

Had a problem adding earlier. Hopefully its sorted now.

Hey I would love to fight on here too. definately add my PSN GAMERTAG PR_PRETTYBOY89

Cool i’ll add ya! I need to get back on SSF4. I’ve been too busy with GT5 atm!