English Street Fighter III 3rd Strike Trainer

I really appreciate the SF guides on Shoryuken and so here is my attempt to give back. I was not aware of Trying to make the fan-made training mode a bit better so my changes are based on the latest upstream version.

reddit post URL (I had to wait for this account to activate): https://www.reddit.com/r/StreetFighter/comments/g0zls7/english_street_fighter_iii_3rd_strike_trainer/

I can’t post the full post here as there is a limit on the number of URLs new users can post

I’ve posted a (machine) translated version of crystal_cube 99’s Street Fighter III 3rd Strike Trainer, aka 3rd_training (specifically the 3rd_training_20120212 version).

All credit to crystal_cube 99 for the original code and to ztranslate (and Google) for translation services. I can not read Japanese so I would not have got very far without them. I’ve not attempted to fix up the wording.

You can get it from github - it still uses images for text. I have a proof of concept for a text-based one in a different branch - but I’m not likely to do much further work with this.

The readme has a quick install guide, I did pull down a 7z with the trainer but I got a virus warning about lua51 dll (Trojan ADH 2) so I would strongly encourage anyone interested in this to pull down binaries from trusted sources and not random YouTube videos :wink: it only takes a few extra steps to put together a working fba-rr with the trainer.