English to Japanese names?

I looked all over and i can’t find a list of japanese street fighter names.

I need them pretty badly lol, could someone post a list… all i know is that balrog is vega…

please excuse my horrible grammar and english i am spanish.

English Japanese
Balrog M.Bison
M.Bison Vega
Vega Balrog
Chun-Li Chun-Ri

thank you.

Akuma = Gouki
Charlie = Nash
and i believe there is one more that i’m missing.

I’ve always been a bigger fan of the japanese names. I’ve even switched the language on my PS3, so that it comes up Gouki instead of Akuma(my favorite character)! XD

does that really work?
i thought the names were hardcoded into the game.

This is going to sound silly, but is there any specific reason why it’s Charlie here, and Nash over there? My guess is that the name Charlie is still offensive to some people-enemy names in Vietnam war, right?

@osiriskid, did you get that thing I sent you? :stuck_out_tongue:

If I remember correctly Charlie’s last name is Nash. If that’s true then it’s probably because of the cultural difference where people are often referred to by the sur name first.

Isn’t there a character named Juli in the Alpha games? Do they call her Juri over there?

Also what about Juri? Is it Juli in Japan?

Switch their names in S/SF4? If so, how?

So much hate for Japanese accents. =p

Do just as he said. Change the language on your PS3. If you set it to Japanese, you get Japanese names. The PC/Arcade versions are the same.

Sodom was also called Katana in some US releases

Also in Japan, the true name for Dan Hibiki is “Shin Gouki”

To the OP here is list of English/Japanese for Darkstalkers characters if you care.

J. Talbain / Gallon
Rikuo / Aulbath
Lord Raptor / Zabel
Huitzil / Phobos
Hsien-ko / Lei-Lei
B.B. Hood / Bulleta

Do you have proof of this? AFAIK her name has always been catholically Chun Li.

He was named Katana in the SNES port of Final Fight but in all the games of the SF Alpha series he was titled Sodom. (I can’t verify the SNES port of SF Alpha 2).

Is this BS? This would be news to me if this was true.

Haven’t they retconned it so that his full name now is Charlie Nash?

Their names are romanized as “Juli” and “Juni”, but they’re pronounced “yuuri” and “yuuni” in Japanese. Juri in SSF4 is just “Juri”.

As far as I can tell, I’ve only seen “Charlie Nash” in the Udon comics for the sake of trying to recognize “Nash” as his name in Japan.

It’s just how they pronounce it in Japanese, don’t worry too much about it.

P.S.- Sodom’s name in SFA2 for SNES is indeed Katana.

World Fighter Encyclopedia says yes.

“Katana” is also in other games, I don’t know which but since I’ve never played the FF games for SNES I know I’m right

I’m also 100% right about “Dan Hibiki” meaning “Shin Akuma” in ancient Japanese, I saw it on Fox News. Has to be true, fair and balanced

Here are some others:
Chun-Li -> Chun-Ri
Fei Long -> Fei Rong
Guile -> [asian accented slurring and shouting]

how did no one else notice this? lmao