English to Kanji translation please

I am hoping that someone can help me. I am looking to get a phrase translated into Japanese Kanji.

Your wealth of power lies in your strength

I’d like it in a vertical format. This will be part of the artwork on a stick I am working on.


if you want it in traditional chinese then i can help ya~ No Prob~

That will work too, I really appreciate it. :))

do i just type it here in traditional chinese?

Your wealth of power lies in your strength…im not sure how i should translate it

is there another way of saying this?

I am looking for an image that can be vector traced so scaling is not an issue. You could write it in traditional calligraphy, scan it into the computer, then send me the image in an email.

As far as the translation I can’t help you much there. Just think of this phrase in relation to the games we all love to play.


Bump - Can anybody help me out here?


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