English vs Japanese voices (Explain why)

I’m just curious, because I go for English 99% of the time if given the choice for very obvious reasons but it seems some people seriously hate hearing the characters speak English.

Boston Labrys demands you answer the poll.

I play with Jap voice, but ultimately it comes down to personal preference

And I’m asking why you would purposefully choose NOT to understand anything.

no real answer to why… its just preferences… its like asking why someone would prefer red over blue…

Japanese, but some of the English VA’s aren’t too bad either. Just my preference.

Strictly Japanese for this game and it’s not even close.

I’m asking you why you would purposefully choose to NOT have the more quality voice acting.

It’s really hard to appreciate what is essentially gibberish to me.

When I pick the Japanese voices over the English in a game it’s because that’s the original voice that the makers intended to portray the character with. If there was a Japanese voice option in Resident Evil 5 I would probably pick English.

I’m sorry that Japanese is a spoken Language.

The game is made in Japan. The game is made by Japanese people. So I pick Japanese voices.

japanese, i hate any type of dubing

Personal preference. I listened to both and if you like to hear them shout stuff during the match that you can understand, go for it. I personally think that the voices sound more suited for the character then the English VA. Plus Teddie sounds awesome in Japanese.

Not by most Americans, this site is American hence it’s gibberish to me.



You fucking scrub, I have all MY games speak in Swahili. You’ve probably never heard of it :sunglasses:

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Pretty much these.

For Skullgirls, if there was another voice option, I’d still keep it in English, because that’s the original language the game was done in.

Dubs are always terrible because the nuances of the original language are lost in translation and then it just sounds weird and bad, or the proper meaning isn’t conveyed properly.

when you can’t understand what someone is saying, it’s hard to tell how ‘quality’ the voice acting is.

so if you set it to a language you don’t know, it can sometimes be less annoying.

Kobaïan is the way to go scrub :coffee: