Engrish 3s strip

Found this on Uriden.log:

“The defeat that may not be strained doesn’t do and be…big bro’s!”

This is why our scene isn’t as top tier as theirs.

because they make posters? or advertize?

I actully think its because they don’t post bullshit all day long in a shitty ass forum with tacs on their chairs at their cubical and then get called in to your boss’ office minutes later so you can give him head.

of course everyone else has an opinion and I respect that…its just that you’re so wrong, thats all.


Someone’s bitter…

me and dsp were talkin about that the other day he put me on to its a single tourney cause eveything is about solitude

and domokun clearly hasn’t seen all the jap bb’s out there

LOL buddy, you got nothing on me so don’t even bother to try. I’ve only posted two joke threads. How is that bullshit compared to talking major shit and hyping a money match, only to bounce at the last minute like a puss?