Enjoy The Nerfs

Just came to say how glad I am Bison is getting nerfed for AE. His damage in Super is absolutely absurd.


Bison actually does damage? News to me.

bisons pressure game with cr.lk and scissor kicks are easy to learn and apply to a match, but idk about him have damage that would make you mad. st hk does take a bit of health but other than that idk I havent heard too many complaints about it.

I’m starting to wonder if this guy got Bison confused with Honda xD


Bison was tweaked more than nerfed imo. If you enjoy laming it out you may consider him better. If you rushed with the frame trap you may consider him a bit less overwhelming than SSF4 counterpart.

tweak overview:

Reason stand roundhouse is so good is the speed, range, and fact it’s safe on block. They didn’t mess with that. Bisons should be poking more with mk imo anyways because it doesn’t whiff on crouchers. As far as anti air trades yeah that’s not cool but we have other options like good old blocking or warping away. Oh btw it’s going to do more damage when hit close

The pushback on light sk… eh w/e never used the frame trap. If you liked to rush with Bison I guess this is can be viewed as a nerf. He can still rush pretty damn well though.

cr lk hurtbox- it still hits on frame 3, shouldn’t be game breaking for Bison.

Ultra 2- motion change and more recovery- Bison will have to be parking his ass and staring more. Fine by me, just adapt. Oh btw, it now does more damage****

super goes through fireballs now… so it can hit in more situations and **do more damage to you **


I can tell he gets good damage out of frametraps…

  1. LOL
  2. I knew you had to be some butthurt plasma chucker.

I looked at this thread date and I lol’d

I like bison in ae more than in super. Feels more solid to me.

Solid how?

I played AE Bison and it’s basically the same for now, you don’t really notice the small tweaks like damage changes, the only major thing that I had to adjust to was LK SK spacing, and using U1 for most if not all matches again (Vanilla reference).

Less scrubby. But maybe that’s just me playing less scrubby. Haha my bad. But I dunno, I like ae way better. Sorry for not being able to explain why.

U1 is underrated. If you are using Japanese Bison, not only does he ask if your opponent would like to suck a dick before destroying them, but he also summons coconuts. I think that’s almost as good as giving abortions…

made me lol. thanks

I prefer using EX to get safe wake up rather than try some scaled down super set up anyway. And I haven’t used U2 in ages so w e, Bisons only ultra set up is gonna be a punish anyway I dont see what the new motion is gonna change.

If only you had a brain… think of the possibilities…

Is it just me, or is u2 slower now?

I went back to u2 (and Yun) anyways

Startup seems the same… recovery on block/whiff is definitely longer.

startup the same
recovery the same if you use it as an escape/ not on block, in which case it is noticeably longer so it makes 50/50s risky if you guess wrong or you just miss the ultra all together

i know im probably hella late but did the input for ultra 2 change? i heard it was charged up now