Enjoying watching people get hurt doing reckless things?



My girlfriend saw me watching this video and wanted to watch it since it had skateboarding so she was interested. I told her I enjoyed watching skateboard bails and things of that nature.

She told me “why in the world would you enjoy watching people actually become hurt in real life?”

What’s the logic behind liking these kinds of videos, and do you like them yourself?


Her limp girl brain just doesn’t understand the nature of the masculine force. Or tell her about your good company: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Democritus.


Because it actually happens to us skateboarders.

Worst fail ever was when I tried to 50-50 a flatbarin a roller rink

Fell back and hit my head, asshole, taint, dick and balls all on top of the rail.

Needless to say I don’t grind flatbars anymore, although I do slide them occasionally.

The videos themselves are whatever, it’s only funny if they fall in a unique fashion. But I must say the worst looking fall is def a scorpion, if any one were to ever scorp on a rail directly on their nuts, Jesus Christ. I wouldn’t even know how to react.



They just work on so many levels.


A related video made me realize something incredible.

My friend’s dad looks just like Snake.


this is why i stay in the safety of my own home letting my video games do all the dangerous things i would like to do for me


LOL at thinking women aren’t sadistic


Because I hate stupid people with a passion and I love violence. This kind of humor is makes me laugh.


I can watch Family Guy faded and still not laugh.


I’d say the suffering of others is cathartic, when you are adequately distanced from the suffering. Essentially, they are suffering in your place.
There is also a sense of satisfaction and superiority knowing that it didn’t happen to you.
Of course, there are people who just get horror boners from this sort of thing.
Personally, I blame the lizard men and their campaign of dehumanization to numb us to our primal sense of compassion. Like, have you scene America’s funniest home videos? Its like a 24 minute YouTube montage of people hurting themselves with a bit of inane banter and a laugh track. Pure propaganda from our reptilian masters.


humor in the misfortune of others is hardly limited to violence too. Curb Your Enthusiasm very frequently plays on unfortunate social situations. I think you’d have a hard time finding a sitcom that doesn’t at some point derive humor in a similar fashion.


If you think this is bad, don’t ever let your girl on Documenting Reality. One of the worst sites on the internet…


Most people get some sort of jolly’s being able to say "HAHA! WOW! GLAD THAT NEVER HAPPENED TO ME!"
Of course there’s various degrees of this. Some people enjoy seeing the moment of impact such as things like people getting hit in the nuts whereas other’s like seeing slow descents into despair like people blogging about how utterly terrible their lives are.
It’s also the reason why people love downer endings and tragedies.


The fact that this meets your criteria for sadism proves my point.


You know what I realized while growing up and watching all these people doing crazy like jumping off buildings, grinding rails 15 feet off the ground and doing transfers that are 20 feet wide? They must’ve insurance because I know damn well that ER visits are costly when you dont have insurance.


he hasn’t seen Waiting to Exhale or a Thin line between love and hate.


It’s not about watching people get hurt. It’s about watching people pay the consequences for their reckless actions, which is kind of amusing, kinda like watching Wile E. Coyote get fucked up by his ACME traps.


This. Watching people do dumb stuff knowing they’re gonna get bodied and seeing it backfire is some funny shit


That one always makes me laugh because it has a sprinkle of ‘‘serves you right’’ to go with the delicious slice of laughter.


Cuz it’s funny watching people get pwned by reality cuz they where doing something dumb.


I only watch that sort of thing when there are wacky sound effects added.