Enlarging 24 mm hole to 30mm


I have two 24mm holes on a mayflash case that I drilled on the side. I want to enlarge the holes to 30mm to use 2 scrap buttons. Would it be better to dremel the holes or use there a way to use my 30 mm hole saw?


Why wouldn’t the hole saw work?


With the holes being in the side, when I clamp the case into place, there is nothing to keep the hole saw steady since the hole is larger than the pilot bit (obviously). It will probably be easier to just buy 24 mm buttons. Or dremel


You pretty much just answered your own question. Alternatively, if you REALLY want to use your hole saw, you can clamp a scrap piece of anything on top of your panel, and use the scrap piece as a guide.


If the 24mm just stopped working, take the micro switch out of the 30mm and put it in the 24mm. Unless like he said you just really want to work on your stick more.


You could use a step drill bit, but they are expensive.

Simplest option is just to use 24mm buttons. If you must use 30mm buttons then widen the holes very carefully using a Dremel or semi-circular file. Don’t ever be tempted to melt a hole.


This. Probably takes the longest, but surely the least likely to mess up.

If you intend on doing a crap-ton of these, you can get 4-32mm step drill sets off teh ebay for less than $25 shipped: http://www.ebay.com/itm/110823383273


take a piece of scrap wood. Drill your 30mm holes in it. Clamp it on top of the side of your stick. Use that to guide the hole saw, and have it drill new holes. Pretty easy.


appreciate all of the help…the more i think about it, the more i feel like i will just get more 24 mm buttons…but its nice to have options


Another option if you have the hole saws, put a 30mm on the arbor, then a 24. The 24mm saw will keep the 30mm centered while you drill it out.

Starrett makes them I think. They’re called “oops arbors”.


why not dremel?


Because it is all too easy to become over excited and ruin the whole thing. It is simple to make a hole bigger, but making a hole smaller is something no one should have to deal with.

As long as careful patience is part of your DNA, the sure - go for it.


Quick way to make a teardrop shaped hole in your case - find an existing button hole and try to widen it. :slight_smile: