Enlightenment please? (Magneto)



Was messing with practice mode yesterday.

1)addf lk,lk… land… lk,(call psylocke) lk, grav-tempest. UNMASHABLE? Use the light kick version of hyper grav. I noticed that when light version catches the opponent, the Tempest almost instantly kicks in.

2)d+hp… launch… magic series into grav-tempest, cancel to Hail Storm UNMASHABLE?

Sorry I need you guys to confirm this one because I don’t have an arcade stick for my DC and it’s just to hard to mash out of Grav-tempest using the Pad.


sigh* i really wish such threads stopped coming up because everyone should know these things.

ANYTHING with a hypergrav is mashable REGARDLESS of anything. there are things to make it HARDER to mash out such as the 2 things you mentioned…but it is still mashable.

ppl have mashed outta OTG c.lk c.hp xx hypergrav c.hp

for the unmashble take out the hypergrav.

jump lk+psylocke lk tempest. after the 2nd lk psylocke will hit them and they will bounce up a bit and fall into the tempest…UNMASHABLE. using a hypergrav will grab them allowing them to mash out of it.

same thing with the tempest xx hail. if you frame kill the tempest xx hail it is unmashable but you won’t get as much damage as a connected hyper-grav tempest xx hail obviously


hypergrav cannot be instantaneously mashed out of.
Rh+doom,-hyper grav - tempest is unmashable. other combos exist like that, you need the attack box of the assist out as the opponent is being caught in the grav or being dragged



Seems you could not mash out of the 1st combo I mentioned earlier… as long as you use the light kick version of Hyper grav. Tried to mash out but seems impossible because the moment the grav connects, shards of tempest already hit the opponent.

Thanks for the Doom Mags unmashable skisonic!


Another simple unmashable using the grav and assist:

c.lk, c.fp+spiral variety assist (vertical swords), magic series, grav, super


If you want an unmashable tempest with magneto, just Launch, sj hk, airdash d/f lk, a/d lk, land, normal jump + lk + psylocke, j. lk xx tempest.


use j. fk instead of lk and then do the tempest. puts them at a better position.

another one with doom is in the corner. do like what you would with psylocke. it’s good damage, and easier than the s. fk + doom xx hyper grav xx tempest. but, you HAVE to be in the corner.



I’m pretty sure you can mash out of an LK Hypergrav all the same. Something that simple would’ve been discovered aeons ago.


Re: confirmed

There could be some truth to it. lk Hypergrav travels slower. Maybe the superflash gives it enough time to travel and still hit, meaning less frames between hypergrav hit and tempest hit.


No… You can mash out of any version hypergrav. But, if you stick something out (like an assist) at the same time the hitboxes are open, then you cannot mash.
The only reason why it seems like the LK version is unmashable, is because it travels at a different speed, and most people have a mash-pattern that includes certain timing in order to mash out of the grav. So, in reality, you are just making the timing different, but bot are mashable.


I see. So is that what Justin Wong was doing at Evo?


I’m not sure about the assist on the screen making grav->tempest unmashable. I could still mashh out, although it does make the timing a LOT harder.

Amir and I fooled around with that a long time ago.


My guess is this… Every time I saw him connect a hypergrav xx tempest in these videos I watched, he was always in the corner. It’s my guess that maybe when you mash out, your still trapped in the corner too close and blocking doesn’t kick in fast enought… I dunno, just a guess, I’ll have to test it out.


So you mean to say that there’s a possibility that the moment the grav makes contact, the person can mash out? And by the way, did you guys actually bother trying out that combo I posted to give you a clearer picture of the situation I’m describing?? Hope so.


man…shit is mashable…he just makes it harder to mash by linking certain attacks that make the mash harder to do, and more precise and strict on timing. nobody eva notices he usually does a sj.lk lk, ad/Foward, lk lk, hyper grasp tempest…he uses the rh hyper grap too btw…and he does it to where the hyper grasp is just hitting you when tempest is coming out, shortening the time you have to mash out…

if it was unmashable…im sure the WC folks woulda figured it out by now


anybody checked the in the corner thing? I haven’t had a chance to test it yet…


Ok do this then…

sj addf lk,lk, land lk(call psylocke) LIGHT KICK GRAV-TEMPEST…

That reduces the time between the connection of the first Magnetic tempest Shard and the light kick grav.

Seriously guys, I know this is very simple but at least try the combo and see. You’ll notice that there’s hardly enough time to mash out of the grav. Just don’t try this one in the corner.


Ok do this then…

Someone already mentioned earlier in the thread that you don’t need to do the hypergrav for the tempest to connect. You land, j.lk+psy, j. lk (or fp)-> tempest. Without the hypergrav, it’s an unmashable tempest.

Even better is, you’ll call psylocke, sj. lks and be able to infinite after the tempest finishes.


*Sorry to veer off topic.

Does anyone have, or know where I can find Justing Wong matches using Magneto? Thanks!


u can mash out of any tempest with a HG. u shouldnt even worry about ppl mashing out of it, the average guy aka most ppl that play cant mash out of it anway. i wouldnt even be concerned about it.