Enroll in the Phoenix Dojo! A short overview of style and synergy

Osu! Are you an alien? No? Well then, you qualify to train under the legendary Paul Phoenix, almost runner-up at the King of Iron Fist Tournament like, 10 times! Those losers from the Saikyo Dojo across the street keep stealing my students, spreading awful rumors like “Paul is useless in Street Fighter x Tekken,” “Paul is a joke character,” and “Paul got lobotomized by a bear.” Well let me tell you something brother, you may think you know Paul Phoenix but you don’t know Jack (or maybe you do know that creepy robot, who am I to judge your friends?)!

Well, let’s get the ugly stuff out of the way first. Your new teacher’s walk speed, forward, and backward dashes are all atrocious, he has no reliable anti-air unlike most of those lousy Street Fighters, does not possess a strong reversal, and lacks the bells and whistles lesser beings refer to as “tech,” especially on his EX moves.
Glad that’s over, now we get to all the stuff that makes me AWESOME! People may call my martial art “braindead,” but in actuality it is an incredibly useful way for beginners to get accustomed to Tekken characters, since I possess virtually every quality they bring to the table in one form or another. I got mid/low strings, specific juggles, ground/wall bounce, and projectile evasions out the freakin’ wazoo! Think of my Dojo as a gateway into the general Tekken Style, as long as you still pay the annual fee up front of course.
Those who decide to remain a practitioner of the Phoenix style will not go unrewarded. My jabs and cl.MP give a monstrous +9 on hit and +5 on block, and my c.MK is out of this world! Normal throws are almost as criminally underrated as my Dojo is, and mine are some of the best. They can be ticked easily on account of my jab, used on opponents paralyzed by my awesomeness, and thanks to both of them dealing maximum damage (the only other fighters who can claim that are my fellow Bear Hater and that damn Mishima runt) should never be ignored when on offense. They also send the opponent far enough to aid in Wall Carry and the back throw in particular can be HK Razed for a corpse-hop or they risk rolling right into another throw.
What I lack in the regular game I make up for in the Oki and Corner sub-games. My signature mixup is the mid/low string of Hammer Punch and Bone Breaker. Not only can they string together but they excel as Oki not only because they can hit meaty but also auto-correct themselves should the opponent attempt a forward roll. This means I possess the same 50/50 mixup (and then some) regardless of how my foe decides to get up. I can also bait wakeup reversals with LP Sway, use it to setup a throw attempt to put rollers back in the corner, and use meaty safe Mortar Punches (which also auto-corrects). Because Oki is so important to me, I am more comfortable with sweeps than flashier opponents, though in the corner Phoenix Smasher is a superior option for the hard knockdown when I want to continue pressure.
Getting to the corner is no problem with the exceptional carry of Phoenix Smasher (always do a Mk Raze after one to be in perfect position for meaty Hammer or cross up rollers, LK for fake crossup and keep corner advantage), especially my BnB that combines both LK Raze and Smasher in one go. Once there not only do MK Razes lead to more juggle damage, but my already notable Bone Breaker can combo into Demolition Man which can even be followed up with c.mp and Smasher!

I, Paul Phoenix, should always be used in the Anchor position, where I am able to execute my sub-games from the moment I tag in. Unlike most traditional anchors, however, I do not require a great deal of meter. My EX moves and Super (works anywhere Smasher would) only work to extend my damage and wall carry, and for better or for worse are not used to add anything of importance to my toolbox. This means that some points who usually must reserve meter for their anchor can open up more of their game around me and hand over what is left to increase my damage. Again, unlike most traditional anchors my damage is not quite as high, but if you just do your job and work my Oki that will never matter, got it!?
As far as teammates go, besides total packages I play my best alongside those crazy projectile zoners. My damage off launch compliments their general lack of damage, I can raw tag after a Smasher to give them a full screen to work with, and my Wall Carry ability gives them ample amounts of stage to walk back on or sets them up for fireball traps. I’m thinking about inviting that American soldier into my Dojo, he certainly knows how a man should wear the hair, and I’d give that really hot girl with the whip a private lesson free of charge.
No one is a perfect team player, and I, Paul Phoenix, am no exception. I lack ways to tag cancel people in safely on block (Shredder is risky), for instance. Most importantly, if I allow an opponent to get out of my sub-games and return to footsies and worst-case fullscreen, I have limited options but will most likely require my partner to come back and get me inside again.

To master a varied and balanced approach of martial art is not the Way of the Phoenix. Heck, it does not even bother to master many facets. Instead, the Phoenix style prides itself on being the Best in the Universe at wall carrying and the Oki and corner game, doing them consistently with good damage and without excessive flair. The Mantra of the Phoenix Dojo is “The less I have to worry about my own game, the more I can focus on my opponent’s.”
If I am given a partner who can handle all the rest of that nonsense and tags me in just enough to do what I was born to do, we can be the top team in the universe! Now say it with me everyone: PAAAAAUUUL PHOOOEENIXX!

Thanks to zuukuu and everyone else on the Paul thread.
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