Enter the Chaos Dimension! Shuma-Gorath Combo thread



Movelist, Notation, Information (Credit to Figuer39)




:l: - Light Attack

:m: - Medium Attack

:h: - Heavy Attack

:s: - Exchange

:atk: - Any attack button

:atk::atk: - Any two attack buttons

(Air OK) - Performable while airborn

(Air) - Exclusively performable while airborne

(OTG) - Hits prone opponents

(Level 3) - Costs 3 meter bars to perform


Stone Smash: (Air) :s:
Eye beam: :f: + :h:
Upwards eye beam: (Air) :u: + :h:


Mystic Stare: :b: (Charge) :f: + :atk:
Mystic Smash: (Air OK) :qcf: + :atk:
Mystic Ray: :d: (Charge) :u: + :atk:
Devitalization: :hcb: + :atk:


Hyper Mystic Smash: (OTG) :dp: + :atk::atk:
Hyper Mystic Ray: (OTG) :qcb: + :atk::atk:
Chaos Dimension: (Level 3) :qcf: + :atk::atk:


? - (OTG) :h: Mystic Ray
? - :l: Mystic Stare
? - :l: Mystic Smash


Beginner tutorial for corner BNB super important!! updated November 2013


Mid or corner - Lvl 1 but builds the bar it uses so basically free - 643,500 dmg

cr.M > cr.H > j.Mystic Smash M > cr.H > j.Mystic Smash M > cr.H > Mystic Stare M > cr.M > S > j.MMHS > S > j.H > j.S > Hyper Mystic Ray

one of the best things about this is it works from about crouching Mids longest range which is quite a distance



Just saying L > M > H > H. :3


I can’t say its optimal but maybe it’ll spawn ideas

corner combo using mystic ray

j.H > j.Mystic Smash M > cr.M > cr.H > Mystic Ray M > j.MMH8H > cr.H > Mystic Star M > Chaos Dimension Mode (236XX) > S > j.MMS > S > j.H (Chaos Dimension Throw)

costs 3 bars, builds a bit over a bar, 794,200dmg


Wow, pretty decent damage, even on the one bar combo.


j.m, j.m, j.h, c.m, c.h xx m.mystic stare, c.m, c.h, j.m, j.m, j.h xx m.air mystic smash, bomb explode, h.mystic stare xx hyper mystic ray

You can continue the combo after the hyper ray thanks to the mystic stare but I couldnt find a good ender. does around 500,000 without an ender.


If timed correctly, you can relaunch off of an air H mystic smash. Works mid-screen and the corner.

A simple example:
c.l, c.m (2 hits), c.h, s, sj.m(2 hits), m(2 hits), h, 8h, H air mystic smash, st.m, st.h(2-3 hits only), s, sj.m(2), h, s, otg hyper mystic ray

1 bar for 565,300 dmg if the hyper is in the corner. The timing on the first air combo is tricky at first; you need to pause between every hit other than the h and 8h, and dont cancel the h air mystic smash…it needs to be delayed a bit also.

EDIT: It seems I was cheating myself out of some dmg. Getting more hits on the H air mystic smash and allowing more hits during the st.h, I have got up to 587,700 dmg with the same combo. Just dont let the st.h push you too far away to relaunch.


ah makes sense, thanks. I was dropping the air MMH8H to H air mystic smash so many times I thought it might not work lol


you can also loop with c.m > c.h > j.m (3 hit) > j.h > air mystic smash L > repeat


c.LMH j.qcfM c.H j.qcfM S j.M j.M j.H j.u+H qcfC chaos dimension S j.M j.M qcfB H

The end resets after they fall out of the qcf.B, so unscaled damage. Level 3s don’t scale though, right…?


I made a video of some shuma gorath combos. This guy is a BEAST.



Gonna start notating these and updating the main thread
Thanks for all the work so early on guys!
Im stuck at work and I can’t play, but I can post!


Unfrotunently I didn’t get much time with Shuma before I had to go out today so I want to ask something about his loops. Obviously it looks like you have to learn some kind fo loop to be good with him, I was using the c.H j.mHu+H loop and did ok, my question about the medium air smash loop above. Do I have to tiger knee the mystic smashes, I was able to do the loop once doing it this way but unable to do it by just jump medium mystic smash. I didn’t practice it much just want to know what I can/can’t practice.

We should also look into developing an xfactor kill loop off an air grab, its a very effective strategy in some matches.


You can loop from c.:h:, j.:m:, j:h:, j.:u::h: about 3 times in a row before hit stun gets too bad. For the 3rd time you can lead them into an aerial combo. Couldn’t really get anything after the OTG Mystic Ray for maybe a level 3 combo. Maybe the hit stun got way bad or my execution is bad… which might be that. =/


this combo is making me rage. whenever i do the mystic smash–; mystic ray shows up randomly. gaaaaarggghaaarg!!!


hilarious and useless combo
[cr.M(2hit) s.H]x4


Copied from my post in the assists thread:

I’m officially in love with Shuma + Hyper Grav, he can grab, call Mags, and :l: Mystic Ray into whatever the hell I want… With Hulk’s Gamma Wave assist I was able to (in the corner) grab, :a1: (Mags), :d::u::l:, :m:, :s:, j.:m:, j.:m:, j.:h:, j.:s:, :a2:, :h:, :s:, j.:m:, j.:m:, j.:h:, j.:s:, :qcb::atk::atk: for around 520K, which is pretty sweet for a combo off a throw

You could substitute Hyper Grav with something like Chun’s Legs or Molecular Shield and get the same effect. But I’m not sure how the extra hits would prorate the combo…

With this same team I also managed c.:l:, c.:m:, c.:h:, j.:m:, j.:h:, j.:u:+:h:, :m:, c.:h:, j.:m:, :a1:, j.:h:, j.:u:+:h:, :m:, :s:, j.:m:, j.:m:, j.:h:, j.:s:, :a2:, :qcf::atk::atk:, :h: for 827K

Again, you don’t need these particular assists (although again, a multi-hitting assist like Doom Rocks in place of Hyper Grav might prorate the combo too much, idk), you could easily substitute Gamma Wave for Samurai Edge or another quick OTG assist as well


just make sure you get in the air first, you can actually do it too low to the ground and cross yourself up after the smash, i’m not 100% sure but it almost feels like direction input can be a factor with an air crash

updated the earlier mystic ray combo and added a vid:


j.M, j.H, j. Mystic Crash M, cr.M, cr.H, Mystic Ray M , j.MMH8H, 2H, Mystic Stare M, Chaos Dimension Mode (236XX), M, S, MMS, S, MMH (Chaos Dimension)


Here is one I found, easy combo, requires 3 bars, can also be done with lvl 1 xfactor for over 1million damage, didn’t get damage of non-xfactor combo

J.m>J.m>land>st.l>st.m>st.h>cr.m>cr.h>d,df,f+l>chaos dimension>S>sj.m>j.m>j.h

I think after the crouching h, forward h might be added?
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something I put together quickly