Enter the SG (Super Grade) - By Sinokin - The Goal, Player Data, etc

As you can see, I’ve finally made it through G1. I’m glad, but still sad to not play as active as I’ve been.


SG Fights here:


PSN Fight Requests will be posted in this playlist:


Well congratulations on SG. Nice win streak record.

Bit over the top w/ what seemed to be trapcode shine in the intro and outro, w/ max shimmer and a few keyframes. Unless you’re using something else other than after effects then idk what you used, but gj anyways.

you suck dude

You are too good for this forum. But please,let us know when you get to the SG-D.

I like bling bling. ^^ And as you say it, I noticed that, got damn, lol.

Thanks man.

sooo…how many offline tourneys have you won?

just looking out

LOL @ ur fuckin song after u ranked up. Funny shit man, good job too.

I’ll never subscribe when you post videos of you beating really lame players like bryan conroy. (sorry dude, but “I’m high” isn’t excusable.) Also getting into SG off of a loss isn’t impressive anyway. Good luck finding somebody to play now.

Lol @ losing your way to SG. Funny shit.


I didn’t make this video to get a tough opponent to fight, I did it because of reaching SG. You don’t need to come up with childish excuses that you think i’m gonna use. Intelligent person, seriously.

On the other hand, yap. Should have waited a half second on doing that ultra and it might had falled in place. :slight_smile:

Not saying I’m better than you, cause I suck, but I’ve seen 10x better play at tournaments which leads me to believe that the high ranked players are only there because they are playing a helluva lot more than the good players who may not even play the game online. Why would I subscribe to you when I could find much better play to try to emulate elsewhere?

Before you go nuts, you asked for comments, and these are mine whether you like it or not. It just seemed like you were acting like a chick fishing for complements with this post. You most likely wont find any on these forums unless you do something impressive offline.

wow, congrats on getting into SG. im still having trouble finding matches in g1.

There is a hell of a diffrence between playing in a tournament than online, which I’ve done so many times that I can’t even bother playing at my best all the time. Sure, I didn’t do any impressive moves in the fight.

But seriously, I edited the video to make it go faster, I didn’t wanna show any “skills”, look at me, in this video. Just two matches before reaching SG.

Now I don’t know if it’s just me, but… you’re ridiculous… I mean seriously… Do you absolutley think I wanted feedback on the fights that edited together to make the video a little more faster… give me a break, man. I don’t know what you’re trying to proof. But I’ll tell you this.

The people in SG are wicked SF4 players, not because they play much. Well, it sure makes sense, if you play a lot, you get better, right?

I’m sorry if I hurted you, but where is the human intelligence in your head.

I need some sleep. :slight_smile:

I think his point was that… “The people in SG are wicked SF4 players” is not true by default: they got there because they won or lost a lot of matches consecutively over a very long period of time.

Anyone who plays long enough will make it there, which isn’t true of competing in offline tournaments to any degree of success. I’ve been playing fighting games for quite a good portion of my life, it’s entirely casual and I’m not very good at them, I wouldn’t be remotely so pompous as to assume that because I have like ~8 years experience playing fighting games that I could walk in and win Evo. Unlike online where time invested = rank.

Part of the reason one would assume you’re fishing for compliments is reinforced by your own post, the feigned modesty while throwing out your achievement like a gold star. It’s like people in a class who, on a day that tests are returned, are the first person to start asking “How’d you do?” because in the back of their mind, they desperately want to tell you they aced it. They’re asking you so that you naturally ask in return and they can feel good over it.

You’re basically saying, “I’m not here fishing for compliments” followed immediately by, “People who get to SG (me and few others) are incredibly good SF4 players.”

Plus your entire response is sopping wet with arrogance which doesn’t help.

You also threw out that you wanted people to subscribe and comment on (if not the fight) you making SG. So here’s people commenting on you getting SG, “Good for you?” <-- Telling people to subscribe to you and claiming that you’ll be releasing fight footage implies that you’d want people to watch you fighting. Shock horror that some people think you’re terrible. Not every comment is a positive one, especially when the person asking for them is kind of a prick.

Damn, everyone always assuming the worst in people. So the guy wants some recognition for making progress; congradulate the kid and let it be. People blow smoke over shit they don’t even take personally just for the hell of it.

Congrats to you OP.

My whole idea of this SG concept is to make a playlist on SG fights. So my plan was to make the intro video one me reaching the SG first, and then the SG fights will come after. If you think I’m flexing my SG rank, I’m not.

Subscribe if you want a look on the SG fights, if not, don’t subscribe, who is forcing anybody?

On my other video about the focus dash, I teached people how to do it, and I spend a lot of time doing because of a few requests and yet I wanted feedback on it of course. So you can’t say I “JUST” wanna show up what I’ve accomplished. On the other hand I like getting feedback, fun and happy comments. And bad ones, but it dosn’t mean I can’t argue against them.

I’ve fought the SG players and they’re really good, but that doesn’t mean we’re the kings, there is G2 and G1 players that kicked my ass, also here in SRK actually.

I’m just saying the SG players are good, now why would you get the idea in your little peanut head that “there is no way g2, g1 players or even g3 could crush us down.”

How stupid do you think I am? Do you actually thought that I was the master of Sf4 becasue I’m in SG? I must notify that you’re ridiculous. Cheers anyway, mate.

more like the OP is a douche bag trying to brag. I got nothing out of this thread, or his video other than the impression of him saying “Lookit me I got into SG and now there’s nobody to play!” Yeah SG isn’t any different from any of the other ranks except there’s a lot less people in there who play a whole lot more. You get my drive?

Also the fact that he said

just makes him seem that much more of a jackass WOW convert. he’s probably playing that right now while waiting for SG to “fill up”.