Enterbrain SSF4 Master Guide?


Has anyone heard anything about Enterbrain making a master guide for SSF4? Their SF4 master guide was excellent (with the exception that it was missing console characters).

The only place I know of to order videogame related items from Japan is Play Asia and they do not have one for preorder. Any info would be appreciated.


lol i was searching in google “super streetfighter 4 enterbrain” and this came up

want this too man


Copy and paste " ???IV ??? ???(DVD?)(???) (???)" in the japanese Amazon website, www.amazon.co.jp . You can preorder it at the moment


Isn’t that just a DVD? Doesn’t show that there’s any pages for the product?


No worries, I made my search in the books section of the website. Also, if you translate the copy and paste I put above, it reads as - Super Street Fighter IV Technical guide, a new challenger to us (DVD included) (Enterbrain Mook) (Mook)


Thanks for sharing this info Kanzaki.

Does the free super saving shipping for orders over $25 apply here? Because shipping to California comes to $30! That’s twice the price of the guide itself!


I’ve no way of signing up or using my U.S. Amazon account.


You have to create a new account for Amazon.co.jp your U.S. one will not work.


edit: http://tinyurl.com/ssf4mook

can someone confirm if this is the right link?

I’m on my mom’s computer atm and it’s hard to navigate the Japanese amazon site because i don’t have the fonts installed.

is this the ISBN # for the new mook?

ISBN-10: 4047265772
ISBN-13: 978-4047265776
Release Date: 2010/4/28

As for the “free shipping on all orders over X amount” that only applies to orders within that respective region of the amazon site. so amazon.co.jp will ship within japan for free but you will get dinged hard if you live in north america!

last year i bought the console mook, ordered it and paid $25 ish for express shipping and got my guide within 36 hours … so not bad


Yes, that is the correct ISBN#


Thanks to Reno for pointing this out for us:


It stated there will be frame data for all 35 characters, and pictures of each move in motion:



Japanese sites that ships worldwide I know that sells books as well are
Ami Ami - Where I ordered my SSFIV CE
Hobby Search

Trying to think of other places that may offer it.


none on there so far :frowning:


Here’s a video preview (plus snippets from DVD): [media=youtube]9VaU9lgctCA[/media]


I need this.


yeah i want this also the last one they did for SFIV was hard to find…so I would like to grab this one asap


Ahhh… that’s better. :slight_smile:


Has anybody been able to find this book anywhere else for preorder? I’m iffy on signing up with amazon japan.



no i’m still looking also, it just came out in japan today so maybe they will start showing up on ebay soon.


I ordered one off Amazon JPN. $17 for the book and $33 for international shipping.

It’s not gonna be cheap, brah!