Entering tournaments

I was just wondering if its worth it to enter a tournament if you feel like you have no way of even getting past the first round, let alone top 8. It’d be like I’m iust giving my money away to the winner. Yet at the same time, i really feel like trying to find out what it’d feel like to enter a major tournament.


yes, Yes, YEs and YES.
You’ll learn more at at one day in a tournament than you probably will in a week maybe a month of playing online.
You’ll see people better than you get destroyed, and realize you how much you can improve. You’ll see things you won’t understand with people there to ask WTF just happened? You’ll meet other players and find new people to play online. You’ll get to experience the nerves of playing amatch that means something in front of other people. you can talk strats with people or at least listen in on other people while they talk about strats, matchups etc.
You get alot more out of it what you paid for in the entry fee.

There is a needless stigma lately about entering tournaments. Its not a big deal if you don’t get paid, the vast majority won’t. Just think of it as icing on the cake if you do win. The top players are not going to waste their time hating on a new player, this isn’t XBL. Tournaments are more about meeting people with the same interests as you and helping support the scene. I don’t need to be cynical, but maybe its not just about how you can benefit either. There are many tournament organizers out there just trying to break even and these ungrateful stream monsters are getting annoying.


please, enter a tournament. you’ll almost definitely surprise yourself, as well as learn a ton. The first tourney i played in i did very well, and besides a couple of slumps here and there, i haven’t deteriorated at all.

As long as its something small, then go for it. If its something that Ryan Harts is going to, You better show up extra early. All in All, go for it

Agreed- you can’t cross a chasm in two small leaps.

If you are serious about about playing Fighting Games(and you don’t have to be), and there are tournaments in your area, I would very much recomend going. The vast majority of communities are welcoming to newer players who are genuinly attempting to get better (and don’t smell) regardless of current skill level, and regularly going to tournaments helps you meet and play better players, which very much helps boost your game, and is completely worth the what, five, ten bucks? entering a local tournament costs.

That and it’s damn fun.