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Hi guys,
my copy of SSFIV for PS3 has been sitting on the shelf for the last couple years collecting dust, and even before that only played it a handful of times. One of the reasons being not having a fight stick, so now I’ve finally decided to get one and see if it will get me back into it.
What’s a good fight stick for a casual player like myself that I could get for under AU$100~150? (perhaps with an eye on ease of modding too, just in case, but if it’s pretty good straight out of the box all the better!)
From a quick search I’ve found a few candidates, but I don’t really know how to judge as I’ve never owned a fight stick before:

and that’s about it…

I’m not considering fight sticks with less than two rows of 4 buttons, with buttons arranged in funny ways or arching downwards

Thanks everyone!


I wonder if the mayflash V1 is really as bad as everyone says it is I got one of those but I’d recommend two options:

Try out the cheapest 15-30$ stick as you can to see if you like the controls first or just straight up get a 100-200$ stick and skip that process entirely.
Basically if you’ve ever touched an actual cabinet you know what a stick feel like, a similar stick to them cabinets is basically 150$ at the very very least I think while the 20-80$ is basically controller territory.


I’m looking to unload a Qanba Q1 that I just bough in December or January $50 plus shipping. I think it retails for $80 new. I’m moving this weekend so send me a PM and I’ll try and work something out early next week.

Nevermind, just noticed you’re in Australia.

Edit: My bad about the selling in tech talk.


I’ve got an Injustice Gods Among Us Battle Edition fightstick for sale. All Sanwa parts {JLF lever and button microswitches} were swapped in to replace the Qanba parts. Perfect working order. All LEDs works $100 plus international shipping


There is no Selling in Tech Talk.

Both of those sticks from the eBay links sucks, avoid.

There is already a thread on what sticks to buy. Try there.


Mad Catz WWE All stars - YES
HORI mini 3 - NO
Combat king Pro - FUCK NO
Mayflash - NO
another Chinese one labeled Thinkbay - FUCK NO


I have a hori mini 3, it’s exactly as advertised, very mini. The stick itself is pretty awkward because the throw is short.
All in all you probably might be better off buying a used or cheap madcatz te or pro or whatever the kids call them these days.

If you’re not sure that you will like the aesthetic of sticks then a mini 3 is good for that, you can press buttons and wiggle a stick around and decide if you want to go bigger–but since you’re thinking about budget sticks it’s likely that you don’t want to spend too much money, perhaps it’s an issue.

So please consider the following:
Do you really need to buy an introductory stick?
Reach out to your scene and see if you can try someone’s stick to get the feel for it before buying a cheap stick.

In the end it’s cheaper to buy one stick that comes with stock japanese arcade standard parts, than to buy a cheaper stick and later on buy said “tournament standard” stick

If you just want to mess around and don’t have anyone you can talk to about demoing sticks and getting the feel of pressing buttons then the wwe stick or the hori mini 3 are fine. I like my hori mini 3 but it doesn’t get much love anymore. The wwe stick has the advantage where you could potentially upgrade it to better parts if you don’t mind using some elbow grease.


If you are intent on playing on stick then save up and buy a good one (plan to have $200).

I started with a mayflash and added sanwa parts but at $50 for the stick and then $50 for the parts plus $60 for a new PCB the bill racks up quickly. If you are not modding a good stock TE2 or Hori will get you covered for the console of your choice and they last a lifetime if taken care of properly.

My problem is I keep buying, modding and collecting them, but that’s not a bad thing right? :smiley:


Mate, you can get an Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3-branded Hori Real Arcade Pro V3 SA from Gamesmen in Sydney for AU$119.95 shipped from their eBay page.
Comes with full Sanwa parts out of the box so no need to mod anything.


Cheers mate, looks like it could be my best bet! :slight_smile:


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Thanks for your response. Would you be able to post a link to that thread please? Thanks


Ok, ended up ordering the Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 HORI stick!



That’s a shame, you should have got the MAYFLASH.


Getting a Mayflash shipped to Australia would cost more than the UMvC3 Hori.


Would never choose a Mayflash over that Hori. :o


I think for my needs and (very poor) skills the HORI is even overkill
Only had a very quick play but feels alright enough for me to be able to say that it won’t be the stick to blame if never win :wink:
thanks all for your inputs


neither would any sane person


The gamesmen rocks. Good store