EOS2 - Scranton, PA - Results

I had a blast. It was fun to meet all of you. Unfortunately, I don’t have all the results from Sunday, because Kevin of TGP wanted to keep that. I’ll bug him for more complete results soon and update the list. Also several matches as well as semis and finals were recorded. I’ll also get in touch with TGP to see what they are doing with that (sorry, I don’t actually work for TGP, I just helped them out by running this, heh)

Anyhoo, without further wait

SF3: 3S Results
1st Justin Wong (all sorts of chars but when push came to shove YU and CH)
2nd TheRapist (AK)
3rd Ghaleon (RY and KE)
4th Master of King (UR)

Guilty Gear XX Acent Core
1st TheRapist (BA and CH)
2nd The B# (KY)
3rd Ignatz (SO)
4th Rei Shao Khan (AN)

Soul Calibur 3
1st Kid Disaster (Setsuka and Maxi)
2nd Earl (Sophitia)
3rd FearDaDonkey (Xianghua)
4th Obnoxious (Tira)

Fun tournament.

Thanks for running it and good games to all.

Ditto, GG all – extra thanks to mr. Rapist for the beatdowns. I’ll def be up for making the next one.

i’m really pissed i missed this :frowning:

Awesome tourney! I’m gonna do MUCH better in GG next time.

going by your name… fox?

Good stuff Ghaleon! Very nice job taking down #3.

this was a fun lil tourny i def could see headin up their again but next time we need ST.

was a great tourney it was cool to meet everyone can’t wait to do it again

Ohhhhhh shit, I had no idea there was tourney that was actually reasonably close to where I live. Well, I’ll just have to watch out for next time.

where do you live? im’ in tobyhanna / stroudsburg.