EPIC BATTLES Card Fighting Game

What up everyone,

Since EPIC BATTLES is a Street Fighter VS. Mortal Kombat card game I decided to make a thread for it on SRK to unit all others who play and are looking for discussion & matchmaking. If you dont know about EPIC BATTLES, info about the game can be found at www.epicbattlestcg.com If you are interested in getting into the game, starter decks($12.99) and booster packs($3.99) can “ONLY” be found retailing at BLOCKBUSTER locations. This card game is a “BLOCKBUSTER exclusive” and can’t be found at your local trading card shops.


seriously fun game and easy to learn, just wish it had wider distribution and more people interested in playing. i’m definitely up for some games and trading with anyone nearby in the bay area.

someone trade me some brave dances and healings…

If I pull any extras Ill hook you up.

While it’s hilarious that Low Roundhouse is a rare card, they named Low Roundhouse, “Low Fierce Kick”. WTF.

kinda weird too how the forward fierce card shows ken kicking instead of punching…

i was playing my elena deck against a friend of mine who bought the mk cards and was using darrius. there’s an mk event that removes your discard pile from the game, which completely destroys my deck.

What foils do you guys have? So far I have:

Super Assault(Foiled)
Kunai Dart(Foiled)
Slide Aside(Foiled)
Close Knee(Foiled)
Sean Character Card(Foiled)

for foils, i have:

body kick
grab and throw
uncontrollable rage
kunai dart
leaping kick
kubi-jime katagurama
killer bee recon
elena’s healing
information gathering
flying peach

Pulled 3 new foils this week:

Forward Fierce
Sindel’s Super Scream
Hotaru’s Super Slam

I also pulled The Dark Hadou(normal rare), so I might make a Ken deck really soon since I have 1 Shoryu Reppa and 2 Shippu Jinraikyaku.

crazy crazy pulls tonight:

what a combo
hugo’s hammer frenzy
elena’s healing
elena’s brave dance
jab (!!!)
shin akuma (!!!)

out of FOUR packs. jab sitting right behind elena’s brave dance, shin akuma sitting right behind hugo’s hammer frenzy. the rares are nice cuz i play hugo and elena. the ultra rare and the hidden are the sweetest fucking icing on the cake.

OMFG…I hate you…j/k lol DAYAM!! man that is crazy

I got promo card “perfect pose” from the StreetFighter #0 comic that was has the best cover art i’ve ever seen on the cover. I’m going to scan it and put it on my cabinet.

finally pulled fighting the darkness today, leaving just evil ryu to complete my set. you guys make any new decks? ive been messing around with hugo and i recently discovered the neverending comboness that is dudley. i swear i think i hit a 10 hit combo ftw the other night.

I went to Blockbuster today hoping for some Shippus for my deck, and had what I think to be pretty decent pulls (despite not getting any Shippus):
2x Resurrection
Seraphic Wing
Shoryu Reppa
and some Sean, 12, Alex, and Ibuki supers.

Yoroi Doshi
Gill (I got a regular and then a foil!)
Jab (anyone know how much foil Jab is worth?)

Wait a minute…Shin Akuma? WTF?

you got a shin akuma?

if you didn’t, it’s a hidden rare, but it’s only 1/4th of a full character card. the whole thing is gonna be one giant card.

i had an ebay auction on watch for 2 x jab… it ended at like 80 after shipping i think. crazy shit, i use it in my elena deck.

I don’t have one…I didn’t even know Shin Akuma was in the game until yesterday.

Awesome to find out that others are playing, in the bay area no less.

I just started tonight, and found the top-left corner of Akuma in my first pack, but i’ve got no idea what his stats are. Character card? Attack? I cannot find a picture of the entire card.

wanna pm me that strat?..My firned says no1 uses dudley, then he said that it’s only 3s…then I’m like…well duh, prob no1 plays it in tucson, and they don’t like him cuz he doesn’t has tits…

For all who are interested, I am planning a date where all the Bay Area players can meet up and play/trade. I might set the date up in December some time since I’m kinda busy lately. Please feel free to post your opinions for a date(weekday or weekend)that works best for you and we’ll work somthing out.


You guys make me want to cop more boosters. I’ve spent like 200 bucks already.

Pick elena and fill your deck with punches that link to kicks. Crazy combos.

Figured I’d post this here since I didn’t get a response in the comic forum

Check out this dude trying to pass off Gouken as an Akuma card http://cgi.ebay.com/10x-Street-Fighter-Epic-Battles-TCG-AKUMA-GOUKEN-PROMO_W0QQitemZ8715091384QQcategoryZ2535QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

EDIT: And Seraphic Wing is ridiculous. 15 card MINIMUM damage? Sick.

seraphic wing is too sick… i saw a foil one go for like 3 bucks on ebay

has anyone played against a gill deck? i’ve played a few and they never seem to land the resurrection

and to everyone that’s got a dudley deck… do you guys even keep rocket uppercuts in? i’ve since taken out all my rocket uppercuts…